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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

Philosophy is the highest, but even higher than philosophy is practice of philosophy. So when your students apply Krishna philosophy to their lives, they will feel the beneficial result, and this will make your teaching work very easy. Just like you add hydrogen and oxygen and get water. So let them chant and learn Bhagavad-gita and they will get Krishna's mercy.

Letter to Brhaspati das, 17 November, 1971

Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

The second stage of anisthita bhakti is called ghana-tarala, which literally means “thick-thin” or sporadic endeavor. Sometimes we are enthusiastic and think, “I feel good about my practice of bhakti. I am getting the respect I deserve and the results I am earning. Everything is going so nicely.” But then things change: “This  consciousness is too difficult. I have no taste, and no one respects me.” We lose our enthusiasm.  Sometimes when we lose our enthusiasm, we also lose our ability to practice regulated sadhana. We get absorbed in material consciousness, then begin to suffer, and take up the chanting again. We gain a little steadiness, then stop again, because we have not discovered the importance of chanting or the truth about ourselves.
(LFD, Vol2, Being Careful to Avoid Anisthita-bhakti, Pg 53, and Pg 54)


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