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Quotes Of The Day

Niranjana Swami
Lectures from a Disciple, Vol. 2, The Process for Awakening Bhakti

Pure love for Krishna is eternally situated in every living being's heart and does not come from any other source. When the living entity hears about Krishna from the right source, that dormant love is awakened. There is no more powerful method than hearing from a devotee about Krishna. Simply hearing the holy name from a Vaisnava can awaken some desire to chant it.

Srila Prabhupada
Lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.2.6, Calcutta, February 26, 1974

Varnasrama-dharma is material. That is not spiritual. Varnasrama-dharma is the beginning of spiritual life. How one can come to the standard of spiritual life? The spiritual life is visnur aradhyate panthah. When one comes to the platform of worshiping Visnu, that is spiritual life. But the people do not know what is the aim of life. Not only nowadays, the material world is meant like that. They have forgotten. Those who are too much materialistic, they are thinking that "I am this body, and satisfaction of the bodily senses is the ultimate goal of my life." But that is not the goal of life. The goal of life is to find out the ways and means how to satisfy the Supreme Lord.