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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

I have received a letter from my Godbrother informing me that it has been advertised in India that in Vietnam also somebody is spreading Hare Krishna Movement. So there is no need to be disappointed. You go on with your work as best as Krishna gives you the opportunity, and there is no cause of your anxiety. Everything is going smoothly. But since you are now separated, the strength of your activities appears to be little disturbed. Now you try to assemble together in the same spirit as you were doing, and in that case, temple or no temple, your movement will go on progressively.

Letter to Mukunda, 27 May, 1969

Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

We have to understand what is the source of the critical mentality.  It is due to pride and envy.  We become proud of our material position and we look upon others, and are envious of others who are successful.  We also look for faults in others in order to gain more respect and recognition for ourselves.  The more faults that we see in others, the more it makes ourselves look good.  That is the subtle way—maybe sometimes not so subtle—of bolstering our own false-ego.
MKV, Vol 2- Pg 12 (Q/A Meeting With Disciples, Divnomorsk—6/10/01)


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