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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

Yogis and jnanis artificially try to get rid of Maya, but in spite of their much endeavor for spiritual realization they are still in the Kingdom of Maya. The conclusion that God is impersonal or that everyone is God is the statement of a person who is in Maya. In other words, anything which is a setback to the realization of Krishna Consciousness is Maya. Anyone who is not in Krishna Consciousness is supposed to be in Maya, and anyone who is in full Krishna Consciousness is out of the clutches of Maya. This is the statements of the Vedic literatures, and we should try to understand and follow the principles.

Letter to Joel Chalson, 22 July, 1969

Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

Chanting is the most important of the nine processes of bhakti.  Certainly, preaching is chanting. In other words, when we are preaching the glories of the Holy Name, the glories of Krishna’s qualities, and the glories of the Lord's pastimes, that is also chanting.  Therefore, in this respect, I naturally would like to see you preaching, but a preacher must have an internal life as well, if he wants to continue to preach.  This means we must always be trying to improve the quality of our chanting.  We should chant with a serious desire to make progress in devotional service.  We should be careful to not allow our chanting to become routine, ritualistic chanting.  When we chant, we should chant with a desire to chant purely, without any offense, and free from anarthas.  This requires practice, and it must be practiced daily.
MKV, Vol 2- Pg 17,(Letter From Niranjana Swami)


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