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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

I cannot tell you how very much I enjoyed listening to this wonderful tape recording. All of the super-excellent qualities of kirtana were present on this tape and it was thus a great joy to hear it. On this tape Rupanuga has set an example for all householders because there was singing on this of Hare Krishna by all of his family members. It was all sounding very nicely, and I am going to show this tape to the Sankirtana Party which is here in Los Angeles so they may take example from such nice kirtana.

Letter to Bhurijana, 18 January, 1969

Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

I have seen a tendency among devotees to have a difficult time overlooking others’ faults. Such devotees often complain about the behavior of others or quarrel among themselves. They also have personal motivations in executing their service. Jiva Gosvami explains that the solution to these problems is to see Krishna within everyone’s heart. A preacher has firm faith in Krishna’s presence in the hearts of others, and he takes whatever opportunity is available to fan the spark oftheir own awareness of that fact. By seeing Krishna situated in someone else’s heart, a preacher can then direct that person in how to make progress in devotional life.
Lectures from a disciple Vol 1, Pg 72, 3rd Paragraph


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