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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

If you live in India it will be better facility that you have some preliminary knowledge of the local language. This was recommended even for big British officers who used to go to India either for business or for political purposes. I was a student in the Scottish Churches College and 90% of our professors were Europeans. All of them learned Bengali just to understand the local language.

Letter to Jayapataka, 17 April, 1970

Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

Krishna wants us to offer something to Him with love. The characteristic of love is when you want to do something to please the beloved. There is no piece of paper involved in the transaction, nor is there any personal consideration in the offering. When something is offered with love, then the person is not thinking about getting anything in return. That is the symptom of love, and to experience that love is real freedom.


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