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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

I understand that you are saving on the milk bill by supplying your own milk from the farm. This is wanted. If these farm projects are successful, then all this industry will be closed. We do not have to make propaganda, but automatically people will not want. The people are innocent. The rascal leaders say it is primitive to remain on the farm, but to do business in the city and become rogue and rascal, that is advanced. They have dog race, horse race, gambling, coca cola, pepsi cola - all unnecessary. There is no use for it but the business is going on. They take to cigarette and T.V. because they have no good engagement. They are chewing the already chewed.

Letter to Rupanuga das, September 29, 1975

Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

The most important vow we take is to chant Hare Krishna a fixed number of times a day, because even if we fall while chanting the Lord’s holy names, if we continue to chant sincerely, the holy name will forgive us. Knowing this, of course, should not give us an excuse to fall, because such a mentality constitutes the seventh offense in chanting. This is the most serious offense, and is difficult to rectify. Still, sincere chanting even from a fallen condition can reinstate us in devotional service. Therefore, to chant the holy name is the most important vow we make.  The other vows we take at initiation deal with the four regulative principles. These principles are important, but they really only bring us to the platform of human life. That alone will not elevate us to the transcendental platform. It is only the Lord’s holy name that can bring us to Krishna’s lotus feet.
(LFD, Vol2, Glories of the Holy Name, Pg 67, 3rd paragraph)


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