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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

I feel very happy when I see my spiritual boys and girls especially those who have been married by my personal presence are very happy in their conjugal relationship. Even if there is some misunderstanding between husband & wife that should be completely neglected & you should always remain rigid in service of Krishna as you have written to say, it is pleasing to be in the service of Krishna. Discharge of Krishna Consciousness is our primary objective & all other relationships should be faithful to this principle. Follow this principle.

Letter to Nandarani, 8 October, 1967

Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

The body is compared to a boat that can carry us across the ocean. While we are in this boat, we should use it for Krishna’s service. But service to Krishna does not start in the body and it doesn’t end when the body ends. Service takes place in our consciousness. We have to prepare our consciousness for service to Krishna both within and without the body. That’s what we are meant to accomplish in this life. Some of us may have to prepare to serve Krishna without this material body sooner than others, but we will all eventually have to face this reality. We should face the truth now and prepare ourselves to serve Krishna no matter what condition of life we are in.
(Bhaktyaloka, Moscow)


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