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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

May 7

The Vaisnava mentality means "How can I increase Krsna's service?"

September 5, 2010, Almaty, Vaisnava Compassion

May 6

If I push everyone down and criticize them, then, "Here I am! I haven't spoken about any of my faults, because they don't exist. Now you recognize who I am." That's envy, and it becomes very dangerous in a society of devotees because, as we explained, the devotee's mentality should be to always want to push others forward but him- or herself stay back. Gopi-bhartuh pada-kamalayor dasa-dasanudasah - to become the servant of the servant of the servant.

September 5, 2010, Almaty, Vaisnava Compassion

May 5

When there is envy, the mind immediately diminishes - makes insignificant, insubstantial - what the person has done.

September 5, 2010, Almaty, Vaisnava Compassion

May 4

In fact, all Vaisnavas should be compassionate by being willing to accept whatever little bit someone may offer and to utilize it for the service of Krsna.

September 5, 2010, Almaty, Vaisnava Compassion

May 3

Since that is the Lord's nature, the Vaisnavas, who are representatives of the Lord, are also meant to embody that compassionate nature of the Lord. Ultimately, the highest embodiment of the Lord's compassionate nature is none other than Srimati Radharani, because She pleases Krsna the most. Therefore She is very compassionate. Although doing something that could please Krsna is otherwise very difficult for us, Krsna makes Himself accessible to be pleased when we offer something to Radharani. Not only is Radharani the embodiment of this compassion, but the spiritual master, who is also in that same line, is an embodiment of compassion as well.

September 5, 2010, Almaty, Vaisnava Compassion

May 2

We should always overlook the shortcomings of others and simply see the desire that is there in their hearts to do something for Krsna. And we should be willing to accept whatever offering somebody makes, no matter how small - just like Krsna, who considers whatever benedictions He gives to be very insignificant in comparison with even a very small offering from the hand of His devotee.

September 5, 2010, Almaty, Vaisnava Compassion

May 1

Those who are not on a platform on which they can always speak about Krsna but have a desire to always speak about Krsna may restrict themselves from speaking about others out of fear of suffering. And generally that's good. At least they are not speaking unnecessarily about others and causing disturbance to others, but the motivation of not wanting to suffer is not completely pure. When a devotee actually has awakened his spontaneous attraction to always speak about Krsna, he doesn't have to worry about speaking critically or unnecessarily about others.

September 5, 2010, Almaty, Vaisnava Compassion

May 31

What is difficult is to find it in ourselves. Generally, what disturbs us most is the same fault that we have but don't want to confront in ourselves. It is a lot easier to point it out in someone else. So, if I can't be compassionate, better to hold my tongue. If it is really something that is detrimental for that Vaisnava, I can tell it to someone who can be compassionate, and go back and look into my own heart.

September 5, 2010, Almaty, Vaisnava Compassion

May 30

It is a very important quality of a Vaisnava to be compassionate with others. And one of the symptoms of this compassion is that a devotee cannot tolerate seeing others suffer.

September 5, 2010, Almaty, Vaisnava Compassion

May 29

I pray that all of you can increase your endeavors to follow this method that Srila Prabhupada has given to us. This will be very pleasing to Srila Prabhupada and our previous acaryas and ultimately it will very much satisfy the Lord, which is the perfection of everything that we do.

January 9, 2010, "Crossing Over the Ocean of Material Existence", on the occasion of Vyasa Puja