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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

April 26

We think about the arrangements we have to make to maintain the body, but forget that those who are fully experiencing the Lord’s presence in His holy name do not care whether they are living in a material body or not. Such questions are irrelevant. If they make an attempt to maintain their lives in the body, it is simply to fulfill the Lord’s desire and to use their bodies to serve Him.

Lectures from a disciple, Vol 1, p. 151

April 25

To chant successfully requires determination, concentration, and a willingness to fulfill the commitment one made at the time of initiation. This is especially true for sadhakas who are still practicing their chanting but have not yet achieved a high stage. If we were actually feeling the presence of the Lord in our chanting, we would not be able to live without it.

Lectures from a disciple, Vol 1, p. 150

April 24

Over the course of my giving these classes, I have also come to realize just how important it is for me to emphasize the chanting for my disciples. I want them to become attentive in their chanting, and to strive for the goal of chanting purely. I am feeling a great responsibility in this regard, both to preach and to set a good example by my own chanting practices and my willingness to glorify the Lord’s holy name by speaking about it.

Lectures from a disciple, Vol 1, p. 150

April 23

I recently received a letter from a devotee, where he asked, “Maybe you can share with me some of your thoughts about what you want to accomplish in this life?” I told him that what I wanted to accomplish was to be able to chant purely, and that if I wished to achieve this, I was going to have to spend the rest of my life doing the following: chanting in the association of devotees who have a taste for chanting, and preaching the glories of the Lord’s holy name according to my realization and by setting any example in my own practice of chanting.

Lectures from a disciple, Vol 1, p. 149

April 22

Srila Prabhupada was quite assertive. Still, he always displayed such humility that he immediately won others over. He could disarm people. By his example, Prabhupada proved that humility and passivity were not necessarily synonymous.

Lectures from a disciple, Vol 1, p. 149

April 21

Difficulties arise when we accept both position and designation as nondifferent from ourselves and then feel pride because of them. Pride, of course, is the opposite of humility. If we are always conscious of the superior order, however, and act in accordance with that order, then we will attain real humility.

Lectures from a disciple, Vol 1, p. 148

April 19

We are meant to maintain ourselves only so that we will be suitable instruments for hearing and chanting the Lord’s glories as long as we are in the material world.

Lectures from a disciple, Vol 1, p. 145

April 18

If we wish to make progress toward the spiritual world, we must act according to our present realization. That means following our prescribed duties and trying to always chant the holy name. We should make the ultimate purpose of performing such duties Krishna’s pleasure.

Lectures from a disciple, Vol 1, p. 145

April 17

In the spiritual world, the only binding force is love. In the material world where we are devoid of pure love, we must act like the bull who is bound by a rope through its nose and forced to go wherever the rope pulls it.

April 16

We may think we will not endeavor for our maintenance and that we will accept only what comes of its own accord, but when the refrigerator is still empty several days later, we will find that our faith has significantly weakened. But one who realizes Krishna and sees Him everywhere will see Him in the empty refrigerator as easily as in the feast.

Lectures from a disciple, Vol 1, p. 142