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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

September 27

Because we are all sons of Krsna... We are wandering in this material world as mad chap. Just like a rich man's son has become mad. He leaves his home and loitering in the street and eating in the garbage. That is our position. We are the sons of the richest person.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 13.4, Bombay, September 27, 1973

September 26

How can I love Krishna if I can't love Krishna's devotees? We have no hope of loving Krishna if we can't love Krishna's devotees. This is our hope. So we love Krishna's devotees, and then by their mercy, kindness and compassion, the devotees give their kripa.

Taking Care of Devotees, p. 171 Last Paragraph

September 25

It is not that Lord Caitanya's mercy is barred to the non-devotees. Although we may, as sadhakas, reserve this love. But we should show them, as Lord Caitanya showed. He took His sankirtan movement to the streets and went everywhere with His associates, distributing these loving exchanges between Himself and His pure devotees.
Taking Care of Devotees, p.170 Last Paragraph

September 24

We worship Lord Caitanya, who appeared with His associates. He brings His confidential devotees to come and reveal their loving exchanges so that others can see what is love. Taking Care of Devotees, p.170, 1st Paragraph

September 23

What is it that will attract somebody's heart to really want to come closer to devotional service? What will awaken their faith is when they see loving exchanges between devotees. We have to understand that point. That is what Lord Caitanya did.
Taking Care of Devotees, p.169 2nd Paragraph.

September 22

When a devotee gives his heart to Krishna, Krishna says, I am going to give my heart back to him — that’s the only thing he wants. He doesn't want anything else. So He gives His heart.
Taking Care of Devotees, p. 165, 1st Paragraph

September 21

Bhaktivinode Thakur says that when a Vaisnava comes to your home, you should accept him, feed him, serve him, and look for ways to please him and satisfy him. By satisfying a devotee, we are satisfying the Lord.
Taking Care of Devotees, p. 164, 4th Paragraph

September 20

It is not that love is different, that there is one love for the Lord and there is another type of love for devotees of the Lord. No, when we love the devotees of the Lord and we want to serve and please the devotees of the Lord, our mentality should be that by serving this devotee and not expecting anything in return, we are actually satisfying the Lord. This is our way to please the Lord.

Taking Care of Devotees, p.164, 2nd paragraph

September 19

We should always be seeking the protection of the Lord. One who sees the Lord's participation in his life, who sees His kindness and His mercy, however it will manifest, will always be protected by the Lord. The
Lord gives His assurance. This is faith.

Taking Care of Devotees, p.163, last paragraph

September 18

The Lord knows how to bestow His mercy upon His devotee. Therefore, we have to be prepared for however He will reciprocate some loving exchange. Therefore, devotional service, which is rendered in this way is devotional service rendered favorably.

Taking Care of Devotees, p.160, 1st Paragraph