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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

December 20

When there's no doubt in your mind, "I'm doing what my spiritual master wants me to do." It's a very, very sweet, sweet, sweet taste, incomparable to any taste that one can possibly get from anything in this material world.

Transcription of "Don't Miss This Chance!", a Talk given in Minsk on November 5, 2009

December 19

Today is December 19th. There are six days left between now and Christmas Eve. If you haven't attempted to distribute some of Srila Prabhupada's books yet, or if you don't have a Sankirtan story or realization to share with me or with other devotees yet, there is still time left to do this. Even a few books distributed will be pleasing to Srila Prabhupada.

Sankirtan Realizations, 2009-12-19

December 18

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the devotees who have made an increased effort this month to distribute Krishna consciousness. I pray that you will experience Srila Prabhupada's mercy being showered upon you in the form of deep, spiritual realizations which will carry you forward on your journey back home, back to Godhead.

Sankirtan Realizations, 2009-12-19

December 17

Simply think of Srila Prabhupada's pleasure when you approach someone to engage them in taking a book. Everything else will come. Realizations, mercy, a glimpse of a sweet taste, humility, and the desire to do more to please Krishna's devotee— all the characteristics of devotional service described in Lord Krishna's concluding statements to Narada Muni in the first part of Brhad Bhagavatamrta—will naturally come. Do not be discouraged if they don't come right away. They will come according to the degree of our surrender.

Sankirtan Realizations, 2009-12-19


17 декабря

Когда вы подходите к человеку, чтобы побудить его взять книгу – просто думайте об удовольствии Шрилы Прабхупады. Всё остальное приложится. Осознания, милость, проблеск сладости, смирение и желание делать больше для удовлетворения преданного Кришны – все характеристики преданного служения, описанные в заключительных словах Господа Кришны, обращённых к Нараде Муни в первой части «Брихад Бхагаватамриты», проявятся естественным образом. Не унывайте, если они не появятся сразу. Они появятся согласно уровню нашего предания.

Из записи в блоге "Осознания санкиртаны" от 19 декабря 2009 года

December 16

When you help others remember Krishna, Krishna helps you to remember Him.

Collected Letters to Friends and disciples Vol 4, Pg 135

December 15

Progress means feeling that we are unworthy of mercy, we are in need of more and more mercy, and that we are never doing enough service for Krishna's pleasure.

Collected Letters to Friends and disciples Vol 4, Pg 124

December 14

Successful preaching is achieved when we speak the absolute truth without the influence of pride, lust, or envy. Therefore we must always chant sincerely with a desire to clean our hearts from all unwanted anarthas.

Collected Letters to Friends and disciples Vol 4, Pg 124

December 13

Upon witnessing the power of pure love, your heart will experience a sense of gratitude, which will form the foundation for pure devotional service, a foundation which will remain strong enough to withstand the tests of illusion.

Collected Letters to Friends and disciples Vol 4, Pg 124

December 12

Just as a person wanting to increase his wealth invests his own money for getting more money in return, in the same way, one who has some faith must invest his faith in someone who can help to increase his faith.

Collected Letters to Friends and disciples Vol 4, Pg 121