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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

December 30

Prabhupada said that to strengthen our intelligence means that before we do anything, we compare it to the instructions we received from guru and Krishna. And by building everything that we do on those higher instructions, our intelligence becomes stronger. Prabhupada even said that for the disciple, intelligence means… the instructions of the spiritual master. Therefore before we do anything we should be thinking, "Is this what I should be doing?" And compare it.

Conversation with a disciple, 2017-11-27

December 29

I oftentimes emphasize that the wrong act committed by the servant leads people in general to blame the master, and the opposite of that is that whatever good behavior there is in a disciple, always brings credit to the spiritual master. That is a way to serve me.

Conversation with a disciple, 2017-11-27

December 28

Welcome Prabhupada and be with Him every day, not only in this form here on the vyasasana but by studying His books, hearing about His activities and pastimes and serving His instructions. In this way welcome Prabhupada not only in the temple, but more deeply into your heart and Prabhupada will be there to reciprocate.

Being with Srila Prabhupada, 2011-01-30

December 27

Anyway, on this morning Prabhupada sat on His vyasasana (generally, I would immediately start leading the kirtan, because when Prabhupada sits on the vyasasana somebody should immediately start chanting), and the garland was sitting in the basket. One minute, two minutes, three minutes, four minutes passed and the garland was still sitting in the basket while I was chanting. If Prabhupada sat on the vyasasana, would the devotees wait to put on His garland? When I was with Prabhupada, every time He sat on the vyasasana, immediately there were devotees standing around who were waiting to put their garland on Prabhupada as soon as he sat down.

Being with Srila Prabhupada, 2011-01-30

December 26

Devotees have no personal investment in their dealings- at least serious devotees. They get their fulfillment from a place beyond their day-to-day social dealings. Giving without expectation of return is the platform from which serious devotees operate. And even if you don't meet their expectations, they will not reject you. They know the power of the illusory energy. And they know how a spiritually weak, but non-offensive devotee can fall victim to her powerful influence.

One Way to Deal with the Fear of Rejection, 2010-02-20

December 25

The serious sadhakas will always think that, "If I have many things to do today, I'll wake up early enough so that I can chant all my rounds before doing anything else." That is why the brahma muhurta is the most auspicious time for chanting the Holy Name. Everybody else is sleeping. But the sadhaka is always awake.

Transcription of an Initiation Lecture Given in Taichung, Taiwan on March 24th, 2012

December 24

Our spiritual master is not only a person who gives us instructions in how to advance in spiritual life. The spiritual master is one who gives the most valuable connection in life - the spiritual master at the time of initiation gives the disciple the Holy Name of the Lord.

Transcription of an Initiation Lecture Given in Taichung, Taiwan on March 24th, 2012

December 23

Life has its own necessity. What is that necessity of life? As we said, we are all servants. The necessity of life is to understand "what is the object of our service? What is our connection after this body exists no more? To whom we are connected? How are we connected?"

Transcription of an Initiation Lecture Given in Taichung, Taiwan on March 24th, 2012

December 22

Srila Prabhupada emphasized the importance of his books for establishing the basis of this Krsna consciousness movement. And to continue to distribute his books for many generations to come is certainly the mission of those who call themselves his followers.

Transcription of "The Importance of Book Distribution", a lecture given at the Sankirtan Festival in Budapest, January 2, 2010

December 21

It is the complete perfection of our existence is to get that opportunity to do something that pleases Krishna's pure devotee.

Transcription of "Don't Miss This Chance!", a Talk given in Minsk on November 5, 2009