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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

June 18

The Lord is so much inclined, He can’t neglect a devotee who is always fully depending upon Him. And therefore, when a devotee chants the Holy Name of the Lord in this mentality. It nourishes, it sustains, solidly maintains a devotees devotional service, so much so, that the Lord gives him the greatest benediction. Not only gives His heart, gives Himself, but He gives His devotee His devotional service, which is the means for perfection.

March 4, 2014, Mayapura, C.C. Adi Lila 8.16

June 17

A devotee is so forbearing. Cheated, cursed, neglected, insulted, insulted, disturbed or even killed!  But will never avenge himself. Why? Why? Because he is so forbearing, he is so tolerant! This type of devotional service, this type of mood in the chanting of the Holy Name of the Lord as Lord Caitanya Himself states, this behavior solidly maintains devotional service for the devotee. It gives him the means by which he can actually be situated in devotional service, because he is so tolerant that the Lord cannot neglect! Others may neglect, but the Lord will not neglect.  How can the Lord neglect such a devotee? He cannot neglect. He cannot turn away.

March 4, 2014, Mayapura, C.C. Adi Lila 8.16

June 16

Wherever there is Krsna, there cannot be maya. Wherever there is Krsna consciousness, there cannot be the influence of illusion.

August 26, 2018, Almaty

June 15

One requires spiritual strength in order to understand Krsna and to enter the spiritual world. Prabhupada says that we are not talking about physical strength. Spiritual strength is the strength to overcome the influence of the modes of material nature, to cross the ocean of material existence, and to become qualified to enter into that supreme abode which is unmanifest and infallible.

August 26, 2018, Almaty

June 14

Those who are inclined to look for contradictions will use them to justify their unwillingness to surrender. It's human nature. We scrutinize those who tell us to do something. The first thing we do is check, "Are they doing it?" The nature of the conditioned mind is to look for contradictions. The ability to surrender comes by having firm faith in the Absolute Truth in Whom there are no contradictions. Otherwise how can one have absolute faith if one sees too many contradictions?

October 9, 2014, Almaty

May 8

We have to see the spark, the potential for devotional service in every living being. Everyone has it. If they don't display that potential, then as Vaisnavas, as preachers of Krsna consciousness, we should be compassionate upon them and be thinking that if they are not displaying their potential for devotional service, maybe it is because some Vaisnava hasn't been merciful to them and hasn't touched their heart. Instead of looking at their faults or looking at their material qualification, we should see their spiritual qualification.

September 5, 2010, Almaty, Vaisnava Compassion

May 7

The Vaisnava mentality means "How can I increase Krsna's service?"

September 5, 2010, Almaty, Vaisnava Compassion

May 6

If I push everyone down and criticize them, then, "Here I am! I haven't spoken about any of my faults, because they don't exist. Now you recognize who I am." That's envy, and it becomes very dangerous in a society of devotees because, as we explained, the devotee's mentality should be to always want to push others forward but him- or herself stay back. Gopi-bhartuh pada-kamalayor dasa-dasanudasah - to become the servant of the servant of the servant.

September 5, 2010, Almaty, Vaisnava Compassion

May 5

When there is envy, the mind immediately diminishes - makes insignificant, insubstantial - what the person has done.

September 5, 2010, Almaty, Vaisnava Compassion

May 4

In fact, all Vaisnavas should be compassionate by being willing to accept whatever little bit someone may offer and to utilize it for the service of Krsna.

September 5, 2010, Almaty, Vaisnava Compassion