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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

May 13

To be far away from the Lord means that one does not see Krsna in connection with what he is doing. If one simply thinks that "I am doing this to please myself" and tries to derive pleasure from that activity, that very desire drives him completely away from the Lord.

May 13, 2001, Tula

May 12

Varna does not even manifest until one becomes grihastha. Varna means occupational duty, which exists in the grihastha ashram. But for a brahmacari, his occupational duty is that he is the servant of the spiritual master.

May 12, 1998, Dnepropetrovsk

May 11

It is completely contradictory to think of the welfare of others while defending one’s own false ego. Only a person who is actually free from false ego can genuinely feel compassion for the welfare of others.

May 11, 2001, Moscow

May 10

When the higher order is there, and purity is there, then empowerment is also there. And when empowerment is there, then those who come in contact with it come in contact with Krsna.

May 10, 2000, Kiev

May 9

One cannot be happy as long as he endeavors for happiness. As soon as he begins his endeavors for happiness, immediately the conditions for distress begin. This is a fruit of duality. If we don’t have Krsna consciousness, then all we have is duality and it is hell.

May 9, 2005, Kiev

May 8

Therefore, our only hope to have a relationship with Lord Caitanya, and to serve Lord Caitanya, is to serve the devotees of Lord Caitanya.

May 8, 2005, Kiev

May 7

Vaisnavas are very pleased when a submissive and humble attitude is manifest in the heart. And when they see such a humble and submissive attitude, they will then pour their blessings upon you. And when they pour these blessings, service will come and service awakens deep within the heart. When this service attitude is awakened, then the Lord inspires from within on how to serve nicely. Everything will happen within the heart, but first, the heart needs to be cleansed.

May 7, 2005, Kiev

May 6

To get the Lords attention, the devotee has to think himself very low, then immediately one becomes very important in the eyes of the Lord. This is how one feels the sense of worth.

May 6, 2001, Divnamorsk

May 5

It is called causeless mercy because bhakti has no cause other than bhakti. So without contact with bhakti one can not get bhakti.

May 5, 2001, Divnamorsk

May 4

Lord Caitanya came to teach us how to chant the Holy Name with the feeling of separation from Krsna. Without separation, there is no full understanding of union. The feeling of separation increases the feeling of union.

May 4, 2004, Dnepropetrovsk