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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

June 17

When one wants to acquire some taste for hearing and chanting then one has to faithfully serve the devotees. Because by serving them and being in their association, then one develops some taste. Why is the taste not there? Because heart is still impure. Therefore we can not relish the full essence, the full benefit, of the Holy Name of the Lord.

June 17, 2000, Donetsk

June 16

If one loses faith in the process of chanting the Holy Name of the Lord, then they have to cry. Tears should come from their eyes. They should pray and cry to Krsna “Please do whatever is necessary to restore my faith in the Holy Name of the Lord.” These tears are the price one has to pay to stay under the protection of the internal potency. Without these tears in one's eyes and a desire for the Lord's protection, Prabhupada states that maya can take you at any moment.

June 16, 2002, Kiev

June 15

It is not initiation that brings the disciple back to Godhead. It is the connection between the disciple and the spiritual master, based on how the disciple is hearing the instructions of the spiritual master. Then his connection is strong and the spiritual master can help him recover his Krsna consciousness.

June 15, 1996, Nikolaev

June 14

Because all living entities have a relationship with the Supreme, their oneness is the understanding of that relationship. They also have the oneness with each other. Their oneness is that they all are servants of the Supreme.

June 14, 1995, Kiev

June 13

First there is duty, which has to be there. But, ultimately, devotional service is beyond that. The natural function of the soul is to serve spontaneously out of love and with an exclusive desire to please Krsna. That is the natural characteristic of the soul, which needs to be restored.

June 13, 2009, Kiev

June 12

If a Vaishnava, by the mercy of the Lord, is empowered by Him to distribute the Lord’s Holy Name all over the world, other Vaishnavas become very joyful—that is, if they are truly Vaishnavas.

June 12, 2000, Kiev

June 11

When the living entity turns to Krsna, then Krsna will help from within the heart. How does he make that turn? What is that turning point? That turning begins when he actually hears the message of Godhead. By hearing the message of Godhead from a devotee, he turns his attention to the Lord. A devotee prays to the Lord, who is in the heart, “Please help them to hear Your message. This is Your message, I am simply Your servant.”

June 11, 1996, Krasnodar

June 10

Bhakti is not mechanical. We have to execute the regulative principles of bhakti with a desire to achieve bhakti. It is this desire, when coupled together with our regulative activities in the association of those who have bhakti, that awakens bhakti. Bhakti comes from bhakti and not from any mechanical activity. Mechanical activity has some beginning point in time, however bhakti has no beginning.

June 10, 2002, Sochi

June 9

The best way to see is by hearing, that is how we can see. It is not with these eyes we can see, first we have to hear. And when our hearts become purified, by associating with the transcendental sound vibration, we can know how to see the Lord face to face. But it is not with these eyes, rather it is with eyes that are anointed with love of God. These eyes can only be restored to their original nature when we become free from identification with this material body.

June 9, 1996, Rostov-on-Don

June 9

Vrindaban is meant for retirement. Elderly persons in Krishna Consciousness can devote all their time to devotional service. Such men are wanted to live in Vrindaban, not women and children. That is a fact, the holy dhamas are meant for the sannyasis and brahmacharis especially. If necessary, the management must be done by sannyasis and brahmacharis, not grhasthas.

Letter to Gopal Krishna, June 9, 1976