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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

June 29

The first step is to develop a fear of maya. This is not the ultimate motivation for the devotional service, but motivates us to take shelter of the process of devotional service. Then, by chanting more and more, gradually a taste awakens within the heart and one develops a natural, genuine desire.

June 29, 2004, Suharevo

June 27

It we try to avoid obstacles, then we must be very careful, because at the same time, we may be avoiding the instruction of the spiritual master. Because the spiritual master has given some instruction which requires surrender in our part, we may see some difficulty and start speculating “Oh, what is Krsna telling me? Maybe Krsna is telling me that I shouldn’t do this.” It is not Krsna speaking to us, it is Maya whispering into our ear “Don’t surrender to Krsna”.

June 27, 1995, Dnepropetrovsk

June 26

We can understand that although the Lord does not personally experience distress, He experiences that distress which is in the heart of His devotees. His devotees are so dear to Him that He knows everything that is going in their hearts. Therefore, when the devotees feel distress for others' suffering, the Lord feels it. Such is the power of the devotees' love. They can invoke the Lord's mercy. This is vaishnava. He is para-dukha-dukhi.

June 26, 2005, Moscow

June 25

The process of bhakti yoga is both easy and sublime because it is natural. Other types of yoga endeavor for perfection by performing severe austerities and penances. However, they don’t get the assistance of the Lord because they are not dependent upon the Lord. When a devotee takes process of the devotional service and becomes completely dependent upon the Lord, the Lord makes it easy for the devotee.

June 25, 1990, Ijory

June 24

The spiritual master is the representative of the Supreme Lord. Therefore his instructions should be taken in full faith. If one wants to have full faith in the Holy Name of the Lord, then certainly one must have full faith in the spiritual master who was given the Holy Name of the Lord to his disciple.

June 24, 2001, Vladivostok

June 23

We should maintain complete faith that, whatever Krsna's plan is, it is perfect. If Krsna wishes to take me back home, back to Godhead, then why should I resist? If Krsna wants me to stay in the material world and preach Krisna Consciousness, then certainly He will give the facility for me to spread His glories. Whatever Krsna's plan is, I will accept it. I know one thing only and that is, I want to keep Krsna in the center of my life. If we work in this consciousness, that will invoke the mercy of the Lord and we will be able to see the Lord's plan unfold before our eyes. This is Krsna Consciousness.

June 23, 1996, Vinnitsa

June 22

The most important service is chanting, and it should never be neglected. Everything else, such as cooking, cleaning, driving, distributing books, etc, is all meant to increase our attachment to the Holy Name. When you meditate on the Holy Name in this way, you will get strength to go on with your service.

June 22, 2001, Irkutsk

June 21

Krsna's mercy is available for everyone. We should accept that mercy and allow Krsna to deal with us as He chooses. However Krsna deals with us is always for our benefit. Therefore, the devotee always prays “Krsna, I am dependent only on You. If You give or if You take away, I will be happy as long as it is You.” This is how to remember Krsna. This is Krsna consciousness.

June 21, 2005, Donetsk

June 20

There is a big difference between service and devotional service. Because everybody is serving and not everybody is a pure devotee of the Lord. If we actually talk about the word service and don’t include the word devotion, then we can understand why we are not experiencing satisfaction.

June 20, 1996, Kishinev

June 19

There is a certain symptom that manifests in one who is sheltered. If they are able to face adversity without being disturbed and are able to go on serving, they are taking shelter of the Holy Name of the Lord without any material consideration.

June 19, 2004, Moscow