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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

August 9

Pure devotee [...] knows, that Krsna is present in the instructions of the spiritual master. He knows, that hearing the instructions of the spiritual master is as good, as seeing the Supreme Personality of Godhead, because the Lord appears before the disciple in the instructions of the spiritual master.

August 9, 1993, Moscow

August 8

Srimad Bhagavatam is meant for those, who are free from envy. One must give up his envious nature of the Lord. One of the greatest symptoms of envy is to try to put oneself on the same level with the Lord.

August 8, 1993, Moscow

August 6

Accepting the spiritual master means to receive instructions about how to execute one's duties in Krsna consciousness. When one's faith will become stronger, one will advance. There must be activity, not blind faith.

August 6, 1998, Smolensk

August 5

Every learned person knows, that attachment to the material is the cause of bondage for the living entities. When the same attachment applied to the self-realized devotees, it opens the door to liberation.

August 5, 1992, Kiev

July 27

So license is meant to regulate, and also meant to restrict. Similarly, wherever there is license for sense gratification or wherever there is regulated activities in the scriptures, they actually meant to restrict sense gratification.

July, 27 2004, Lithuania festival

July 26

One who doesn’t endeavor, then he becomes under the influence of Maya, but one who endeavors for the satisfaction of Krsna - this is Krsna consciousness.

July 26, 1993, Kiev

July 25

The spiritual master knows how to distribute the medicine. Just as the physician has to know also how to prescribe medicine. If he gives too heavier dose to the patient who is suffering too intensely, the dose could kill the patient, or if he doesn’t give enough – patient will never be can cured.

July 25, 1997, Kharkov

July 24

When the devotee thinks: “Will Krsna be happy? Will Krsna be happy by this activity?” When he thinks in this way, he thinks first of Krsna's happiness. That’s how he transcends duality.

July 24, 2000, Kiev

July 23

By popular vote anybody can become so-called spiritual master. But the spiritual master must be recognized by his qualities, and ultimately he must be recognized by his spiritual master and Krsna.

July 26, 1993, Kiev

July 22

Devotees, who have love for God, sometimes experience feelings of separation from God, but these feelings of separation simply increase the devotees' attachment to the object of their love more and more.

July 22, 2002, Riga