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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

September 4

It is only Krsna who can actually purify the heart from all reactions of sinful life. Therefore a Vaishnava, who gives Krsna, can also give one a means by which his heart can become pure because he is giving Krsna by his association and it is Krsna who is taking away all the reactions. That’s the only way how one can become clear from the reactions of a sinful life.

September 4, 1993, Minsk

September 3

Pleasure, pain, happiness and distress, honor or dishonor, they are all the same for the devotee, because a devotee is always dependent upon the good will of the Lord.

September 3, 1993, Minsk

September 2

One receives duties from the spiritual master, scriptures and Vaishnava’s, which are from a higher plain of existence, beyond the mind which has the tendency to accept and reject on the basis of sense gratification. As long as we accept on the basis of sense gratification, how can we know that it is our duty. It is not possible. Therefore we have to get our duty from a higher state of existence, beyond the mind.

September 2, 2001, Kiev

September 1

One should always recite the ten offenses to the Holy Names of the Lord and always be very careful to avoid them and continue chanting the Holy Names with firm faith and confidence that one can be delivered by this process.

September 1, 1991, Riga

August 31

Krsna knows best how to bring everyone back to Godhead. He knows just how to help surrendered souls and what situation to put them in so that they can make advancement. Why? Because He knows our desires.

August 31, 1991, Riga

August 30

How do we develop love for Krsna if we don’t know anything about Him? When you hear how wonderful He is and the more you hear that, then just seeing Him invokes such love within the heart, because you have heard first. That is the power of hearing.

August 30, 2005, Mogiliov

August 29

Love can only exist when Krsna is at the center and when we serve others. Therefore, we see that by serving others we are serving Krsna and when we associate with others in a loving way, its helping us to remember Krsna. That is what actually attracts one devotee with another because Krsna is at the center.

August 29, 2005, Moscow 10:21

August 28

So this svarupa shakti, the Lords internal potency, is coming from the Lord and manifests in the Holy Name and in the hearts of Vaishnava’s. Therefore, if we can serve Vaishnava’s we can actually become proper recipients for this svarupa shakti to enter into our hearts. Then we get nourishment, strength, knowledge and experience some bliss. This is the most blissful engagement and there is nothing more satisfying to the self then to serve the Supreme Lord and to serve the Vaishnava’s.

August 28, 2003, Odessa

August 27

Why does Krsna come? He comes for our benefit, for the conditioned souls who have forgotten Him. There is nothing for Him to gain by appearing in this world. He is not coming to collect some personal servants, but comes to display these pastimes, entrap the living entity back to His eternal realm of enjoyment or pleasure.

August 27, 2005, Moscow

August 26

We are all looking to be self satisfied, but we are so much dependent, that under illusion we think that the best way to be self satisfied is by attaching ourselves to material objects.

August 26, 2001, Simferopol