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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

May 31

When you want to buy something, you have to give something in return. So if you want buy pure devotional service, you have to purchase it with your faith. To the degree that you invest your faith, to that degree you will get a return on your investment. Advancement in devotional service simply means to increase one’s faith. And faith will be tested at every
point along the way.

May 31, 2009, Kiev

May 30

The real question we should be asking ourselves is “Am I prepared to go back to Godhead?” To be prepared to go back to Godhead means that we actually have to be detached from this world.

May 30, 2005, Simferopol

May 28

The real gift of receiving the Holy Name is that the desire is awakened within the heart to render spontaneous, unalloyed devotional service to the Lord. When the full awakening of that desire becomes the primary objective in a devotee’s life, then it’s clear - he or she has received the Holy Name of the Lord. That’s the criteria.

May 28, 2003, Kiev

May 26

It is the duty of parents to teach Krishna consciousness to their children by their own example. In the long run, that will bear the most positive impact upon their children, whether they grow up in gurukulas or in “slaughterhouse schools”.

May 26, 2006, Letter

May 25

Sometimes we think that Krishna is giving us something, and therefore if Krishna is giving it to us, then we should use it. But if we don’t use it for Krishna, it didn’t come from Krishna. It simply came through Krishna’s illusory energy.

May 25, 1998, Sochi

May 24

This collective endeavor to do things together is really beneficial. But “doing it together” does not simply mean being physically together. “Doing it together” means sharing a common consciousness or a common goal in our endeavors. That common goal is the desire to please the Lord without expecting anything in return for our service; that is the platform of real unity.

May 24, 2009, Kiev

May 23

If a person cannot control his mind and senses, why should he try to conquer everyone else simply by criticism? First conquer the mind and senses and actually help others to become Krishna conscious. This is the real solution to problems.

May 23, 1998, Novorossyisk

May 19

If you really want to be determined, then you simply have to decide what is best for Krishna’s service and do it. Then Krishna sees the endeavor that you are making to please Him. The result is not significant because Krishna gives the result.

May 19, 2004, Dnepropetrovsk

May 18

If you ever have a choice of fulfilling your needs and those of your other family members by a different means of livelihood - a means of livelihood which would be more conducive for your Krishna consciousness - as opposed to keeping the same means of livelihood just because you want to make more money so that you can give big donations for Krishna, then your Krishna consciousness is more important to me than big donations. I am happiest when my disciples are making progress in their Krishna consciousness. Everything else will follow in a natural way.

May 18, 2002, Letter

May 17

There is variety in devotional service, unlimited variety. But when we see devotional service in terms of external activity, then we cannot perceive the variety.

May 17, 1988, Boston