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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

September 15

But that is the danger of the material world that just a little inattentiveness can cause one to fall away and to deviate from the path of devotional service.

September 15, 1992, Riga

August 31

I cannot be peaceful when I see others suffering—especially those who are depending upon their association with me to help relieve them from their suffering. So every time I see a disciple in less anxiety and more happy and positive about his or her progress in Krishna consciousness, it makes me happy.

31 August 2002, Letter

August 29

What is that tendency toward impersonalism? It is when one moves away from taking shelter in service and only wants freedom from suffering.

29 August 2003, Odessa

August 28

We may think, “Oh yes, I am a Vaishnava, therefore I am superior to others who are not Vaishnavas.” We may be proud of our position, of being “Vaishnavas,” simply because we have changed our dress. But if we haven’t changed our consciousness, then what is the value? If one becomes proud thinking, “Yes, I am a Vaishnava,” then it can be a bodily designation. And all kinds of designations of this nature can actually distract one from the path of devotional service.

28 August 2003, Odessa

August 27

Those who receive strength but who do not understand that it is coming from God, they use it in defiance of the Lord. Ultimately, whatever achievements or strength they have gained will be taken away.

August 27, 1992, Lvov

August 26

[Brahmacarya] means to be a menial servant. If he actually develops this mentality, he will develop strength. He will become austere and all these qualities will naturally develop if he is prepared to render any kind of service that is necessary. That is [brahmacari] consciousness. That makes one strong.

26 August 1992, Lvov

August 20

Real first-class [brahmacarya] is austerity of the mind. When he is actually austere within the mind, he gets the higher taste of devotional service. To get a higher taste means that he loses his attraction for the lower taste.

20 August 1995, Novosibirsk

August 19

Krishna is looking in our hearts to see how strong our desire is to please Him. If Krishna sees that our desire is very, very strong to please Him, then He wants nothing more than to fulfill that desire of His devotee.

19 August 1989, Moscow

August 17

If one is envious of the spiritual master, one seals his fate - transcendental knowledge will no longer be available. One’s heart will become so filled with material desires as the result of this envy. And because the heart is already so filled with material desires, there will be no room for transcendental knowledge.

August 17, 1992, Dnepropetrovsk

August 16

If we actually want real satisfaction, then we must exclusively work for the satisfaction of the Lord. As long as there is any tinge or trace of desire to enjoy separately from the Lord, we cannot feel full satisfaction because those desires cannot be fulfilled independently from the interest of the Lord.

16 August 1992, Dnepropetrovsk