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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

April 26

Srila Prabhupada gives the example that before one can write on the blackboard it has to be erased. So when we come before the spiritual master, we must first erase all our previous conceptions of "right" and "wrong." That is how we allow the spiritual master to write in our hearts.

April 26, 2004, Odessa

April 25

Until complete Krishna consciousness is achieved and we are completely free from the bodily conception we must know how to deal with anxiety in a way that helps us continue the endeavor for Krishna consciousness. That endeavor must never be given up. If there is too much anxiety and we give up the endeavor for Krishna consciousness, then the only alternative is to take shelter in an illusory plan for temporarily relieving anxiety, thus only causing more and more anxiety in forgetfulness of Krishna.

April 25, 1996, Letter

April 24

When the Holy Name is uttered by a devotee who actually has taste for the Holy Name of the Lord, who sees Krishna present in the Holy Name of the Lord, who actually has love for Krishna, when such a devotee appears in this world he brings the Holy Name of the Lord with him. Wherever he vibrates the Holy Name of the Lord, everyone there has an opportunity to come in contact with Krishna.

April 24

April 23

There is no greater danger in this world than to forget Krishna. Therefore we have to be very, very careful that we don’t become too comfortable in this material world. Because if we become too comfortable, then there is always the risk that we are actually getting into that very dangerous position of forgetting Krishna.

April 23, 2008, Moscow

April 22

Real atonement means to awaken in one’s heart an attraction for the name, form, qualities, and pastimes of the Supreme Lord.

April 22, 1999, Dnepropetrovsk

April 21

Fruitive activities are an attempt to counteract suffering. That is what materialistic life is all about. It is just an artificial attempt to avoid pain.

April 21, 1994, Moscow

April 20

To the degree one actually surrenders to superior dictation, to that degree one gets help from within the heart from the Lord.

April 20, 1998, Kiev

April 19

The devotee of the Lord is like a rain cloud because he is carrying so much water, so much mercy. But water is coming from the ocean. The rain cloud is not carrying its own water; it’s getting water from the whole ocean. In the same way, a devotee is not carrying his own mercy, he is carrying Krishna’s mercy.

April 19, 1992, St. Petersburg

April 18

The nature of spiritual pleasure is real, whereas the nature of material pleasure is illusory. It looks like pleasure, but it’s not real pleasure because it has an end. And when it ends, it ends in misery.

April 18, 1999, Kishinev

April 16

Due to our condition, we are very quick to judge others’ behavior. And we are very quick to justify our own behavior - ‘I was right and he was wrong.’ This is the disease of the material world. This is actually the reason why we are in the material world, this very mentality.

April, 16, 1992, Riga