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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

September 30

If we associate with persons, whose devotional service is influenced by karma or jnana, and especially, if they present it as pure devotional service, then this contamination can also affect our hearts, and because of this anarthas will grow in our own hearts.

September 30, 2004, Divnomorsk

September 29

Myself I can not do it, but I have faith that Krsna will bring me to that higher platform. That kind of faith is actually required to make sacrifices.

September 29, 2005, Dnepropetrovsk

September 28

We are not just simply some armchair philosophers, who sit and simply discuss philosophy. The best way to express what we have learned in philosophy of Krsna consciousness - is to come together and chant Hare Krsna.

September 28, 2004, Novorossiysk

September 27

If we want Krsna's personal reciprocation, then there is only one way to get it - an ingredient of love must be present in the offering. Otherwise we can’t get it.

September 27, 1995, Moscow

September 26

There is no better way to be personal with someone, then to give them Krsna. This is the most personal philosophy.

September 26, 1992, Rostov

September 25

Sacrifice means, that you give something, you make an offering, you give something to somebody else - without any expectation in return. That is the supreme sacrifice – to give to the Lord without any expectation in return.

September 25, 1997, Minsk

September 24

Everything what we do, we should do as an offering to Krsna and remember Krsna constantly. Therefore, by that constant endeavor to remember the Lord in the execution of all our activities, we will attain that ultimate goal – going back home, back to Godhead.

September 24, 1992, Rostov

September 23

Best charity is to give message of Godhead for the wealth of the human society.

September 23, 1997, Minsk

September 22

If the question is asked, “can I actually achieve pure devotional service in this life?”, then one should understand the principles of faith and how to protect and nourish them and if one continues to cultivate this one genuine desire and not the other desires, then the answer to this question is “Yes”.

September 22, 2004, Moscow

September 21

A devotee always thinks that he is an instrument and that he is subordinate to the superior order and the potency to execute that superior order is already impregnated in the words of that order. If any good qualities manifests or any abilities to induce others to develop good qualities and become Krsna conscious manifests, it is only because the devotee is following the instructions.

September 21, 2009, Almaty