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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

April 2

The result of proper hearing is that when one hears properly, he wants to do something for Krishna.

April 2, 1992, Odessa - SB

April 1

If we don't have any service, then there is no greater misfortune. And if we feel that we don't have any service, then we should chant more sincerely. We should feelingly chant to Krishna, " Please engage me in Your service," and Krishna will hear. It is all the workings of the internal energy. Devotional service has nothing to do with this material world. No one can get devotional service by any material method, because devotional service is given by Krishna.

April 1, 1992, Odessa

March 31

When death comes, one who is actually in transcendental consciousness does not experience this death. It is described that for one who is actually in Krishna consciousness, death is like lightning and illumination. They take place simultaneously. In other words, when there is lightning, immediately there is illumination. Similarly, one who actually leaves his body in Krishna consciousness simply continues. He does not change. He realizes that he is changeless.

March 30, 1996, Tallin

March 30

One who is in Krishna consciousness, he knows he does not change. I am serving Krishna now, and I am serving Krishna now, and I am continuing to serve Krishna from one moment to the next. He has transcended the material world. He serves Krishna in the continual presents. He has transcended time. So therefore, what is this death? Death means an end. But there is no beginning or end where there is no time. Just as there is no beginning, there is no end. So one who actually comes to Krishna consciousness, he realizes, what is this death? There is no such state as death. There is no death for the soul. That is only for the body. For the soul there is no death. This is dhira.

March 30, 1996, Tallin

March 29

Krishna wants only your love. He does not care about anything else. Just do something for Him. Chant for His pleasure. Pray for His pleasure. Hear His pastimes for His pleasure. Do not do these things because you "have" to do it. Each day, just dedicate some time to do "something" for Krishna's pleasure.

March 29, 2002, Letter

March 28

The devotee sees the propensity in everyone to serve Krishna. He does not see the external covering. He sees beyond the covering and sees the soul within. Therefore he knows that everyone by nature wants to serve Krishna.

March 28, 1992, Dnepropetrovsk SB

March 27

Actually, when the Lord manifests fully all of His pastimes within the heart of the devotee, then the devotee actually lives in the Lord. This is what it means to live in the Lord. It actually means that one becomes an associate of the Lord and one is actually taking part in the pastimes of the Lord, even although one may be here in the material world, even though one may actually be engaged externally in so many types of activities, but in one's heart he is always with Krishna. This is actually how one can become detached from the material world

March 27, 1999, Suharevo

March 26

Surrender is not something of the past. Surrender is something very dynamic. It is every moment. It is an ongoing process. It is something that for every moment of one's life, one is actually thinking how surrender more and more.

March 26, 1996, Suharevo

March 25

So Krishna can actually satisfy all of our needs and keep us eternally engaged in His unalloyed devotional service, and Krishna is so unlimited that He can constantly provide the impetus for service. There is no lack in service for Krishna.

So therefore we should never entertain the misconception that spiritual perfection does not actually bring us unlimited happiness. Spiritual perfection is dynamic. That means that one's love for Krishna is increasing at every moment. And Krishna's activities keep on increasing those loving sentiments so that we are always increasing our service to Him. That is the spiritual platform.

March 25, 1992, Kiev

March 24

One must understand that the principle of spiritual life is that whatever we are doing, we should feel ourselves unqualified. We should never think that we are qualified to preach, or qualified to distribute books, or qualified to do business for Krishna, or qualified to be an administrator for Krishna. We should not think that we are qualified to do any of these things. But if it is Krishna's desire, even if we are not qualified, if we try to please Krishna with whatever abilities we have, we can become qualified. That is the secret of understanding one's advancement in Krishna consciousness.

March 24, 1992, Kiev