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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

December 12

One who is always trying to be engaged in Krsna’s service will accept whatever duties are given to him and he will always try the best he can. This is the most important consciousness that he has in execution of his duties, that he does it for Krsna and is not attached to the results.

December 12, 1994, Simferopol

December 11

Vrndavan means Vrndavan consciousness and to be in such consciousness it is not required that one be in that place of Vrndavan. One just has to associate with those who are in Vrndavana consciousness.

December 11, 1994, Simferopol

December 8

When one acts in false ego, he can’t hear Krsna’s instructions and becomes lost. So this minute independence is there within the heart of every living being and the spiritual master must continue to give transcendental knowledge and the disciple must be a proper receptacle by which he can receive that transcendental knowledge.

December 8, 1994, Donetsk

December 6

As soon as one forgets that he is dependent on Krsna, immediately the powerful illusory energy covers him. That’s how powerful illusory energy is.

December 6, 1994, Doneck

December 5

We should not be thinking so much about how the criterion of success is always the result, but how we are developing our attachment to Krsna.

December 5, 1993, Moscow

December 4

If the Lord sees that our desire is so strong, that we want this person genuinely to take one of Srila Prabhupada’s books, He can dictate in such a way that the person will actually take the book.

December 4, 1993, Moscow

December 3

A devotee is not interested in accepting the credit but is simply interested in pleasing the Lord.

December 3, 1993, Moscow

December 2

It is possible to become free from personal motivations when one always thinks, that he has been given this duty - to give Krsna consciousness to others - and sees no qualifications within himself, he thinks: "still, somehow just let me try". That’s all.

December 2, 1993, Moscow

December 1

When a devotee is so fully depended upon the Lord and is always engaged in rendering service to the Lord, He actually takes charge of the devotee’s departure from this world. He carries him across the ocean of repeated birth and death and accepts him into His eternal association in the spiritual world.

December 1, 1993, Moscow

November 30

When a devotee very carefully practices vaidhi bhakti every day, a natural taste for devotional service begins to awaken. Every one of us is looking after some taste, but the taste for material things doesn’t produce any prominent lasting effect. Yet, that higher taste that we are looking for comes from practicing such bhakti.

November 30, 2001, Almaty