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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

April 22

One who has faith gets one result. One who has no faith, gets a different result. Therefore it is required, it is essential, that one has to cultivate faith and take up this chanting every day. Then one gradually will begin to appreciate how much nectar there is in these two syllables: Krish-na.

April 22, 2007, Boston

April 21

Trust comes from association. We actually have to seek out association of other devotees and by associating in the ways that Srila Rupa Gosvami has given to us to associate, we begin to develop trusting relationships.

April 21, 2001, Kiev

April 20

When one knows Krishna, he knows everything that needs to be known.

April 20, 1992, St.Petersburg

April 19

So the devotee of the Lord, he is like a rain cloud, because the rain cloud is carrying so much water, but that water is coming from an ocean. It is not carrying its own water. It is getting water from the whole ocean. In the same way, a devotee is not carrying his own mercy, a devotee is caring Krishna's mercy.

April 19, 1992, St. Petersburg

April 18

The illusory energy is so powerful, that a person is thinking "I am so happy now, how is it going to be a source of misery?" Anything temporary that we become attached to ultimately becomes a source of misery when we lose it.

April 18, 1999, Kishiniev

April 17

Those who have no faith cannot practice bhakti. They will not advance in bhakti. Therefore in order to practice bhakti we need enthusiasm, because without enthusiasm, there is no meaning to the word faith. We need enthusiasm to advance, enthusiasm to give up attachments, but the devotee knows he cannot give them up by his own efforts. He wants to give them up, but he knows he cannot do it by his own efforts. How does he do it? He hears the pastimes of the Lord.

April 17, 1999, Kishiniov

April 16

Due to our conditioning, we are very quick to judge the behavior of others, we are very quick to justify our own behavior, that I was right and he was wrong. This is the disease of the material world. This very mentality is actually the reason why we are in the material world.

April, 16, 1992, Riga

April 15

It may appear that we are not advancing, it may appear that we are even degrading, but if we keep on associating with devotees we stay in the boat. Just like a person in a boat sees the waves are coming, and he may be thinking "oh, I am really being tossed and turned by these waves." Yes, you are being influenced, but stay in the boat, stay in the association of devotees.

April 15, 2004, Kiev

April 14

Srimad Bhagavatam class is not for discussing politics, personal problems, local management, hyping devotees to make money, etc., etc., etc. Srimad Bhagavatam class is for deepening our attachment to hearing transcendental subject matters related to the pastimes and instructions of the Supreme Lord and His pure devotees. Such classes should inspire the proper service attitude towards the Supreme Personality of Godhead. If the speakers have an agenda that they want to communicate to the devotees, they should schedule regular istaghostis for discussing such topics. Otherwise, each speaker should prepare nicely his\her class so that the devotees’ enthusiasm will increase to attend Srimad Bhagavatam class

April 14, 1999 Letter

April 13

As soon as we restrict somebody to a material designation, then we create certain expectations within ourselves as to how they should behave. And therefore the ability to see the spirit soul and the potential to serve Krishna, is affected by seeing someone in the terms of material designations. That is why it is offensive to consider a Vaishnava according to some material designation.

April 13, 1992, Kaunas