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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

May 2

A good way to feel fallen is to always look for the good qualities in others. Look! Find them! And when you find them, speak about them. Glorify the devotees. This is what a society of devotees does. Not artificially, because they genuinely know how to see good qualities in others. That is their vision.

May 2, 2000, Kiev

May 1

Mercy is available for the taking; one simply has to want it. What is the symptom that one wants it? That one is willing to cry for it. Not false tears, but those tears that manifest when a devotee has nobody to turn to but the Lord. Before we can get to the stage of chanting and dancing with bliss, we actually have to cry. A devotee actually has to be willing to accept all that is due to him from his past sinful activities. A devotee is supposed to think that due to my past behavior, due to the attachments that are there within my heart, I deserve so much suffering. Therefore, he should be willing to accept that suffering so that he can cry out for mercy of the Lord. The Lord is so merciful that when He sees just a little tear manifest in the eye, then He gives that mercy.

May 1, 2000, Kiev

April 30

Mahajans are empowered by the Lord and, being empowered by the Lord, their activities appear sometimes completely independent. The Lord gives them that choice. He gives them the facility to do as they desire, because their desire is always one with the Lord's desire.

April 30, 2000, Kiev

April 29

I belong to Krishna and therefore because I belong to the Supreme Lord, I am meant to serve the Lord. That is my connection with Him. All of the living beings also belong to the Supreme Lord and they are meant to serve the Supreme Lord. Therefore, the best service that one can render to the Lord, which is most pleasing to the Lord, is to help the forgetful living entities to establish their connection with the Lord. This is the service of the spiritual master.

April 29, 2000, Kiev

April 28

Krishna consciousness means we have to be conscious. We have to practice it. If we don't practice Krishna consciousness, we can't expect Krishna consciousness. It is not that we are going to wake up some morning and all the sudden we are just going to see Krishna face to face in the spiritual world. We have to practice Krishna consciousness.

April 28, 1999, Ulan-Ude SB

April 27

So when one gets a little taste, a hankering for Krishna consciousness, then it is meant to increase the hankering within the heart to taste more. And it is meant to awaken greed, because without a greed for Krishna consciousness it is very difficult to advance.

April 27, 2008, Moscow

April 26

It is not simply mercy alone that enables us to make the progress required for Krishna consciousness. We must actually make an effort to become good receptacles for that mercy. If we make an effort, then Krishna will help us. But if we don't make any effort to control the mind and senses, then how could we actually expect the mind and the senses to become controlled? April 26, 1996, Minsk

April 25

Initiation means when a disciple breaks his ties with a bodily concept of life. This is a pretty high standard for initiation. It means to break ones ties with identification with the material body. And from that point on to always be determined to see everything as connected to Krishna. This is what it means to be sufficiently trained by the spiritual master.

April 25, 1998, Moscow

April 24

One who actually appreciates the value of the Holy Name of the Lord will very attentively chant the Holy Name every day with a sincere desire: "I want to make advancement in Krishna consciousness, I want to become free from these anarthas, I want to give up this fault finding mentality, I want to become free from the deep root of attachments to sense gratification." This is how we can come out from the platform of nama aparadha and actually come to the platform of nama bhasa. If one at least has this desire to make advancement in Krishna consciousness and then, when chanting in association of devotees who have a similar mentality, then we can begin to experience advancement in Krishna consciousness.

April 24, 2001, Kishiniev

April 23

There is no greater danger in this world than forgetting Krishna. Therefore we have to be very, very careful, that we don't try to become too comfortable in this material world. Because if we become too comfortable, then we always have the risk that we are actually getting into that very dangerous position of forgetting Krishna.

April 23, 2008, Moscow