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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

January 25

If we don’t appreciate the value, then there is no desire to reciprocate. We have to be very very careful not to become familiar to the process of bhakti.

January 25, 2001, Dnepropetrovsk

January 24

Hearing and chanting without inspiration can become simply another ritual. But when a devotee is genuinely inspired, he can have a positive influence on others.

January 24, 2007, Letter

January 23

The Lord always protects. He protects vows of His devotees. He protects the desires of His devotees. He protects the heart of the devotee.(…) We should always seek of that protection of the Lord, and then, one who actually is under that protection, one who sees the Lords participation in his life and sees His kindness and His mercy, however it manifests, he will always be protected by the Lord.

January 23, 2005, Pune yatra

January 22

Sraddha means to have complete faith, that without chanting the Holy Name, all one's subsidiary duties (work, family, society, body, pious activity, etc.) will always remain incomplete. Incomplete fulfillment of duties means incomplete fulfillment of the self.

January 22, 2002, Letter

January 20

The only way how we can learn, how to please the Lord, is by associating with the devotees, who are pleasing the Lord.

January 20, 2002, Moscow

January 19

Progress means feeling that we are unworthy of mercy, we are in need of more and more mercy, and that we are not doing enough service for Krishna's pleasure.

January 19, 2007, Letter

January 18

The point is that although our desires do need to be fulfilled, we should let Krsna fulfill them rather than attempting to artificially fulfill them ourselves. Therefore a person is best situated for purification who depends upon Krsna for the fulfillment of all of his needs.

January 18, 1997, Letter

January 15

So certainly, whatever obstacles are placed before the path of the devotees, individually and collectively, they can be overcome by the mercy of the Lord, and Krsna will remove all obstacles from the path of devotional service for one, who has full determination in the course of executing his duties in Krsna consciousness.

January 15, 1996, Kiev

January 14

This body exists. It’s real. But what is false? When I think: “it is me”.

January 14, 1998, Kiev

January 12

If one has a particular service to Krishna, but if his meditation is on rejection of that service for accepting another service - this is not favorable.

January 12, 1997, Moscow