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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

June 29

I like to think of Krishna by speaking about Krishna. What helps me to speak about Krishna is nice devotees like you who are anxious to hear about Krishna. Without devotees who are anxious to hear about Krishna, it becomes very difficult to speak about Krishna.

June 29, 1990, Izory

June 28

Krishna is neutral toward those who are suffering according to karma, but anyone who approaches the Lord with devotion, Krishna can never be indifferent toward him or her. “With devotion” means that we have to approach the Lord through His devotees because devotees are never indifferent toward the suffering of living beings. When a devotee feels suffering because of your suffering, then you get Krishna’s attention because Krishna cannot tolerate the suffering of His devotees.

June 28, 2005, Rostov

June 27

We don’t have to be great philosophers or scholars to preach about Krishna. We simply have to repeat what we have heard.

June 27, 1990, Izory

June 26

The devotee always prays to the Lord, “Please, I want to love You exclusively. I do not want anything else. Under all circumstances, whatever situation You put me in, don’t let me forget You. And because You are the supreme enjoyer, my life is meant for Your pleasure. Please take me and use me as You wish. Let me be Your eternal servant.”

June 26, 2005, Moscow

June 21

Krsna's mercy is available for everyone. So we should accept that mercy and allow Krsna to deal with us as He chooses. However Krsna deals with us it’s always for our benefit. We should be happy that it’s Krsna and not maya.

June 21, 2005, Doneck

June 20

Spiritual life is meant for enjoyment, su-sukham-kartum avyayam. Devotional service is “everlasting joyfully performed”. But we should accept only that pleasure which is giving to us by Krishna. How do we know that we are experiencing pleasure that has been given to us by Krishna? We see how we are losing our taste for material pleasure.

June 20, 1998, Kiev

June 19

It is not artificial. It’s tangible. It can be felt from within the heart. When the devotee feels that shelter within the hearts he can go on serving in the face of adversity, he can go on thinking of the welfare of others despite his own adversities.

June 19, 2004, Moscow

June 18

I went through many tests during those first few years, and Radha-Gopivallabha [in Boston] were always there to support me. The reciprocation I received from Them was immeasurable. From those days onward They have always been an object of meditation for me. It is important for me that some of my disciples feel, at least to some degree, the same strong feelings towards those Deities I have.

June 18, 2006, Letter

June 15

If I want to purify my heart, I have to understand what the Lord wants. Even if I have some impure motives in my heart, if I’m doing what the Lord wants, I can become purified. But if my actions are based upon a mental concoction according to my own idea for happiness, then how can I become purified? How can the Lord ever be pleased by my activities? Therefore, it’s the duty of every living being to know what his duty is. What is the duty that he can perform to satisfy the Supreme Lord?

June 15, 2005, Odessa

June 13

“Without motivation” means “desire to please Krishna,” and “without interruption” means “constant endeavor to please Krishna.”

June 13, 2009, Kiev