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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

January 18

The point is that although our desires do need to be fulfilled, we should let Krsna fulfill them rather than attempting to artificially fulfill them ourselves. Therefore a person is best situated for purification who depends upon Krsna for the fulfillment of all of his needs.

January 18, 1997, Letter

January 15

So certainly, whatever obstacles are placed before the path of the devotees, individually and collectively, they can be overcome by the mercy of the Lord, and Krsna will remove all obstacles from the path of devotional service for one, who has full determination in the course of executing his duties in Krsna consciousness.

January 15, 1996, Kiev

January 14

This body exists. It’s real. But what is false? When I think: “it is me”.

January 14, 1998, Kiev

January 12

If one has a particular service to Krishna, but if his meditation is on rejection of that service for accepting another service - this is not favorable.

January 12, 1997, Moscow

January 11

In other words when a person is actually self-controlled, he becomes very powerful in his ability to influence others. He is not controlled by the whims of others. Because he is not controlled by his own whims. He is fixed in his purpose in life.

January 11, 1997, Moscow

January 10

Moreover, as your instinctive faith becomes more mature by association with more advanced devotees, the fear of losing the attachments will gradually diminish.

January 10, 2001, Letter

January 9

Krsna's holy names will act to clear away the obstacles in your life. If you make a regular practice of this, and continue to chant after sincerely praying in this way, as much as possible, you will get strength.

January 9, 2002, Letter

January 8

To be chastised, instructed or corrected is not a sign of rejection. On the contrary, our acaryas have taught that to be an object by any one, two or all three is a sign of acceptance.

January 8, 2006, Letter

January 6

Devotee means one, whose happiness is dependent only upon Krsna's happiness. And that exactly what Krsna is looking for in the heart of His devotee.

January 6, 1996, Kiev

January 5

In other words, if a person has so much knowledge, but if did not use it to glorify devotional service, then he simply uses it to glorify himself.

January 5, 1998, Kiev