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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

October 14

We must develop the ability to see Krsna in others if we wish to be preachers. It is our duty as preachers to elevate human society.

SB 4.4.12 Novgorod, September 1995

October 13

A Vaisnava is not disturbed by aggressors because he is able to see Krsna in everything. “For one who sees Me everywhere and sees everything in Me, I am never lost, nor is he ever lost to Me.”

SB 4.4.12 Novgorod, September 1995


October 12

Usually aggression requires a response, but devotees do not feel the need for vengeance. This is because they see that nothing happens without Krsna’s sanction. They know that if they are being cursed or punished in some way, it is because of an offense they themselves must have committed in some past life. They accept the suffering as Krsna’s punishment. A Vaisnava does not blame the agent delivering Krsna’s punishment.

SB 4.4.12 Novgorod, September 1995

October 11

We may feel forced, but our spiritual master has asked us to preach. We know that if we want to advance in devotional life, we must serve the guru’s order. Advancement means we will someday develop an attraction for telling people about Krsna.

SB 1.8.30 St.Petersburg

October 10

We may not have spontaneous attraction to hearing and chanting. We may find ourselves feeling forced to engage in those activities. We may feel uncomfortable in such activities, because we have no spontaneous attraction. But if we wish to develop spontaneous attraction, we should voluntary accept situations that will force us to speak about Krsna.

SB 1.8.30 St.Petersburg

October 8

Oftentimes people come to Krsna consciousness seeking relief from distress. They take shelter among the devotees without realizing that as they become devotees, they too will be required to help others relieve their distress. People don’t understand the welfare mission of this movement in the beginning. They are too absorbed in themselves and their individual, selfish needs.

Lectures From a Disciple, Vol 1, p. 243
Hartford, 1992

October 9

If we want to purify ourselves, we have to follow Lord Caitanya’s instructions: ceto darpanam-marjanam. . . A sincere devotee takes advantage of this method of purification. We do not simply practice rules and regulations to become purified. Rather, the rules and regulations are meant to help us become fixed in remembrance of Krsna and to realize our actual service.

Lectures From a Disciple, Vol 1, p. 243
Hartford, 1992

October 7

We may not fully understand Krsna’s plan, but we know one thing: We must do our duty. We are pushed by the spiritual master’s order. We don’t know how we will carry it out, but we must try. That will make us feel helpless. Helplessness and dependence on Krsna is vital to the spiritual execution of duty.

Lectures From a Disciple, Vol 1, p. 243
Hartford, 1992

October 6

The easiest way to realize the Supreme Personality of Godhead is to preach to everyone.

Lectures From a Disciple, Vol 1, p. 242
SB 7.6.24

October 5

Just because we are not experiencing full Krsna consciousness does not mean we cannot preach. We can preach on the order of those who are strong devotees.

Lectures from a disciple, Vol 1, p. 239,
SB 3.29.9, Dnepropetrovsk, June 1996