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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

September 21

Prahlada Maharaja’s rigid devotional service has protected him from external disturbances. Even others who were poor in spiritual understanding turned their minds towards devotional service, and became spiritually advanced and blissful upon seeing the behavior of the pure devotee, Prahlada Maharaja.
LFD Vol 3,Overcoming Mäyä’s Tests, Pg 121, 4th paragraph

September 20

Just as when one’s parents die, they receive an inheritance, all they have to do is live and the inheritance will come. Nothing else is required. Similarly, for a devotee, mukti-pade sa daya-bhak means he inherits his rightful claim, which is liberation to be engaged in pure devotional service to the Supreme Lord, by having simply tolerated all inconveniences and continuing to chanting Hare Krishna.We must learn to tolerate these impediments and to continue to remain grateful for whatever situation Krishna has put us in. If we live in this way, then we will get our inheritance as our rightful claim.
LFD Vol 3,Proper Use of this Life, Pg 118 onwards

September 19

The example shown by Vaisnavas at the time of death is that perfection is to be able to remember the Supreme Lord. The Lord is very merciful upon the conditioned soul. Even though one may not be fully situated in complete Krishna consciousness at the time of death, if the devotee is endeavoring to meditate on the Lord, then whatever lack there is, the Lord will give to that devotee. Prabhupada always said that if we take one step towards Krishna, Krishna will take one hundred steps towards us. Krishna will appear in our minds even if we cannot fully remember Him. The secret is constant endeavor.
LFD Vol 3,Proper Use of this Life, Pg 115, 6 paragraph

September 12

Of course, please also remember that another primary duty of a grhastha is to daily hear the pastimes of the Lord. As Narada Muni describes in his instructions on “Ideal Family Life”, such daily hearing will act to gradually awaken detachment within the heart of a grhastha, in the same way as a man gradually awakens from a dream. If you build your grhastha life on the spiritual platform, then surely you will become successful in your endeavors.

Swami, Niranjana. Collected Letters: Volume 2 

September 11

A few days ago I met with ___ Prabhu in Moscow, and he told me that the prasadam business is now donating regularly to maintain the ___ Temple and to pay for the Sunday Feasts. I was very happy to hear about this very nice example. One of the primary duties of a grhastha is to give in charity, and the best charity is supporting temples where Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's glories and names are being spread. Please remain steady in this example, and know that it has my full support.

Swami, Niranjana. Collected Letters: Volume 2 

September 10

Generally, when a bramachari becomes restless about his status as a menial servant, and when he wants to seek some profession, it is an indication that marriage should be considered. However, too many times, marriage is not given enough serious consideration and preparation. I would not want you to pursue marriage whimsically. It is much better to be informed about the responsibilities of married life, and to have a clear picture of what lies ahead after marriage.

Swami, Niranjana. Collected Letters: Volume 2 

September 9

In principle, I support those who feel the need to be married. But I do not support irresponsible grhastha life. You must be prepared to work hard. Krishna can take care of everyone's needs. That is a fact. But that does not mean that we should live irresponsibly and expect that Krishna will take care of us. Human life is meant for responsibility. Please remember this, and then act on it.

Collected Letters: Volume 2

September 8

Gradually all of my disciples will need to find that place from which they can move forward in their advancement without having to fall back once again into materialistic life. Materialistic life is NEVER an option. Life without Krsna is HELL. And I never want to see a disciple step back into life without Krsna again. This brings great pain to the spiritual master. 

Collected Letters: Volume 2

September 7

When one takes to Krishna consciousness he or she is declaring war against the illusory energy. That war will continue right up until one becomes completely free from maya's influence. Whether the war is with parents, friends, relatives, attachments, or whatever, we will always be under attack. For a devotee, the best strategy for war is to be well protected. Duryodhana wanted Krishna's army for war. Arjuna was happy to have Krishna because as stated in Bhagavad Gita, wherever there is Krishna and wherever there is Arjuna, certainly there will be victory. Krishna will always protect that devotee who depends exclusively upon Him for protection.

Swami, Niranjana. Collected Letters: Volume 2

September 6

I am 100% convinced that if we are to give shelter to the devotees under our care, they must see their leaders engaged in loving exchanges with each other. When they see their GBC's sitting and relishing Gauranga's katha from the lips of their godbrothers, when they see them dancing together and embracing each other in a mood of loving affection, and when they hear their GBC offering genuine words of appreciation and glorification of his godbrothers, this will strengthen the devotees appreciation for the movement in which Srila Prabhupada has left us to preach.

Swami, Niranjana. Collected Letters: Volume 2  (Letter to Radhanath Maharaja)