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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

December 12

Prabhupada said in a lecture in 1966 that it is not enough to only believe in God, but we actually have to desire to have an intimate relationship with Him. To believe in God is pious and good, but it is not everything. Generally people come to God and ask, “Please give us this day our daily bread,” or, “O God, please free me from distress.” Prabhupada said that generally people think that God is the order supplier, but actually He is not our order supplier. We must become the order supplier for God. That is devotional service—when God becomes dependent upon us and wants something from us, and we fulfill His requests.

LFD Vol 3,Accepting a Higher Authority, Pg 223, 3rd paragraph

December 11

Human society does not even know what to look for in real leadership. They do not want someone who is going to rule them; they only want somebody who will facilitate their sense gratification. However, human society is meant to voluntarily be ruled by a higher authority. We are supposed to be ruled by sastra and by those who are learned in the sastra. We voluntarily submit ourselves to the ruler—to the authority of those who are conversant with the knowledge of revealed scriptures. In this way, we should allow ourselves to become bound by the words of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, which are given in the Vedic literatures.
LFD Vol 3,Accepting a Higher Authority, Pg 223, 3rd paragraph

December 10

Maintaining this human body through engaging in devotional service of the Lord is the best use of this human form of life. If one hears nicely, then he will chant Krishna’s names and he will tell others about Krishna. Then smaranam will come automatically—one’s mind and thoughts will become absorbed in thoughts of Krishna.
LFD Vol 3,Importance of Hearing, Pg 212, last paragraph

December 9

Therefore, the process of devotional service begins simply by hearing. If one hears nicely, then next there will be kirtanam. For one who hears nicely, he can go out and become a preacher and give Krishna consciousness to others.

LFD Vol 3,Importance of Hearing, Pg 212, 5th paragraph

December 8

Anyone who comes in contact with Krishna, even for a moment, will derive eternal benefit. The nature of devotional service is such that once having come in contact with it, the desire for it is awakened within the heart, and one wants more. We obtain more by hearing more about Krishna. Hearing is one of the methods of engaging in devotional service, and it is the most important. Simply by giving one’s ears in submissive aural reception, one is actually engaging in devotional service to the Lord.

LFD Vol 3,Importance of Hearing, Pg 211, 2nd last paragraph

December 7

Becoming aware of these sinful activities helps us to at least understand what they are, but it should also create within us a desire to not only neutralize them, but to uproot the seed of sinful desires from within the heart.To understand sinful activities helps us to understand the power of devotional service, and if we can understand the power of devotional service, we can appreciate the necessity to engage in devotional service.
LFD Vol 3,Uprooting Sinful Activities, Pg 206, 4th paragraph

December 6

It is stated that simply by seeing such an elevated devotee of the Lord, one awakens the desire to engage in devotional service to the Lord. Simply by his glance, one gets his blessings. He seems to be calling out, “What are you doing here in the material world? Don’t you know that you have an eternal relationship with Krishna? Why are you wasting your time here?” That is what Srila Prabhupada’s glance would do to the heart, because he had the capacity to see Krishna in everything and in everyone. Therefore, by the force of his preaching, he would attract so many people to come and take part in Krishna consciousness.
LFD Vol 3,Uprooting Sinful Activities, Pg 211, 2nd last paragraph

December 5

Sometimes when we become very angry at somebody, we may say something that we later regret. The anger consumes our mind and senses, and we lose control and become bewildered. Later we regret it, questioning how we lost control. This is another form of sin.
LFD Vol 3,Uprooting Sinful Activities, Pg 205, last paragraph

December 4

Devotional service eradicates the propensity or inclination to commit sinful activity by giving the living entity a superior form of pleasure. Prabhupada gave the example that a young child may be very attracted to play with knives, although it is a very dangerous affair. If the child wants to play with the knife and the parent tries to take it away from the child, the child will grab the knife in an attempt to keep it, and it becomes even more dangerous. Therefore, if the parent offers the child a nice, colorful toy, then the child will become attracted to the toy and will drop the knife. Similarly, for a person who has the bijam— the inclination to engage in sinful activity—when he experiences a higher pleasure in Krishna consciousness, he will give up his inclination to engage in those sinful activities, which are a cause for his suffering.
LFD Vol 3,Uprooting Sinful Activities, Pg 204, 2nd paragraph onwards

December 3

When weeding a garden, by turning over the soil to cover the weeds, the soil may look very clear or free from weeds for some time. You may think that you have gotten rid of all the weeds, but in due course of time, those seeds that are under the soil will gradually grow again. However, a fried or burned seed cannot fructify. Thus, the seeds of sinful desires within the heart can be burned up in the fire of Krishna consciousness. A person who has adopted unalloyed devotional service to Krishna can uproot the weeds of sinful actions with no possibility that they will revive.
LFD Vol 3,Uprooting Sinful Activities, Pg 203, 2nd last paragraph onwards"