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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

November 27

Prahlada Maharaja explains that Krishna is not attracted by one's brahminical expertise, etiquette, advanced learning, or by one's austerities, sacrifices, or vows. Nothing can awaken the Lord's pleasure except the devotee's unflinching love for Him. 

Lectures from a Disciple, Vol.2, Purpose of Sadhana-bhakti

November 26

Krishna is always transcendental to matter; because devotional service to Krishna is non-different from Krishna, devotional service is also transcendental to matter. It is therefore natural to conclude that those who perform devotional service are also transcendental to the modes of material nature.

Lectures from a Disciple, Vol.2, Purpose of Sadhana-bhakti

November 25

Just as a pure rainwater when falling from the sky contacts the earth and is muddied, so the pure spirit soul, when coming in contact with the three modes of material nature, becomes "muddied" by material nature and absorbs itself in various material designations that have nothing to do with the real self. Devotional service, however, clears the mud - and the consciousness - and allows us to see ourselves in our natural relationship with Krishna. 

Lectures from a Disciple, Vol.2, Purpose of Sadhana-bhakti

November 24

By taking shelter of Krishna we come under the protection of teh Lord's internal potency and are therefore ourselves protected from the influence of the three modes. How do we take shelter of Krishna? We simply have to transform our consciousness from material consciousness to our natural spiritual consciousness. It is natural for the tiny spirit sould to seek shelter under the Supreme.

Lectures from a Disciple, Vol.2, Purpose of Sadhana-bhakti

November 7

We should pray that some day we too can make Srila Prabhupada smile likу those devotees that made Prabhupada smile. The more we appreciate our own fortune at having the opportunity to be in the association of such wonderful Vaisnavas, who know how to make Prabhupada smile, the more dedicated we will become to helping Srila Prabhupada and these devotees continue the sankirtana mission of spreading Krishna consciousness to every corner of the world.

Lectures from a Disciple, Vol. 2, "Srila Prabhupada's Smile"

November 6

Every living being has an eternal relationship with Krishna; this means that each of us is meant to love Krishna. If we have not established our eternal relationship with Krishna, we are like a hand separated from the body. A hand separated from the body has no function. Similarly, every living entity is meant to be connected to Krishna. Without that connection, we serve no function.

Lectures from a Disciple, Vol. 2, "Spiritual Emotions"

October 27

As soon as we give up the association of devotees, maya will catch us and say, "Be in my company." No one can remain neutral or without company. One must either associate with maya or associate with Krishna and His devotees.

Lectures from a Disciple, Vol. 2, Sadhu-sanga - Association with Devotees

October 26

We have needs other than simply maintaining our physical existence. Human existence is meant to facilitate our understanding of the purpose of life. Govinda dasa writes that just as a drop of water appears on a lotus leaf and can roll off at any moment, so life in the body is temporary. But let me worship Sri Hari. This is the only true necessity of life.

Lectures from a Disciple, Vol.2, Purpose of Sadhana Bhakti

October 25

Sometimes we mistake passion for enthusiasm, thinking that it means we must always keep ourselves busy. But if the mind is not fixed on Krishna in our business, then our activities are simply in the mode of passion, which will lead to suffering. Activities performed in the mode of passion do not satisfy us, nor do they increase our faith in the Lord and His holy name. If we want to actually become enthusiastic, we must understand the purpose behind everything we do; if we are consciously offering our activity to Krishna and we remain steady in the execution of our duties, we will become enthusiastic in whatever we are doing.

Lectures from a Disciple, Vol.2, Enthusiasm for Devotional Service

October 4

The Supreme Lord will never manifest Himself to one who has no spiritual strength. For those who are not situated in such an exalted platform of prema bhakti, what is their hope? One actually has to understand that in order to obtain spiritual strength, one has to seek his strength from one who actually has strength.

October 4, 2004, Divnomorsk