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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

September 17

A devotee never thinks himself to be advanced. In fact, he doesn’t even consider himself a devotee. A devotee is always striving to become a devotee, because he sees within himself his many shortcomings.

June 1996

September 16

One symptom of a genuinely humble soul is that he sees all living entities as potential servants of Krsna. Therefore he always tries to fan the spark of their Krsna consciousness. Doing so is an act of respect; a genuinely humble soul respects everyone.

June 1996


September 15

We must be very careful not to commit offenses if we do not wish to lose the association of devotees. There is nothing more dangerous in this world than being devoid of the association of devotees.

June 1996

September 14

If we lose our Krsna consciousness, it is because we have committed offenses. If at one time we had desire to become Krsna conscious and now find ourselves without that desire, it is only because we have committed offenses.

June 1996

September 13

I don't always note my audience by who I see. I also take note of who I don't see. Those whom I don't see, I usually try to find out why I don't see them. There may be some valid reason. Still, the point is that I want to see all of you continue to come to these festivals year after year, to see that you are strong and to see that you are nicely connected in the association of devotees.

MKV (May 2013), "I 'd like that all of you learn...", p.98

September 12

It's very important for me to see and hear how you are connected in the association of devotees. It eases my anxiety, because if I sense that devotees aren't connected, they may not be sitting in this room next year.

MKV (May 2013), "I'd like that all of you learn...", p.98

September 11

Sometimes if we see devotees leaving, it could also be that Krsna is weeding His garden. We should therefore all try to become valuable flowers in Krsna's garden. Don't behave in a way that will cause people to have a wrong impression of our movement and a wrong impression of its leaders. Take up Srila Prabhupada's mission and learn how to give yourself by helping others in their Krsna consciousness. This is something that Srila Prabhupada wanted all of his followers to do - to preach and to be good examples.

MKV (May 2013), "I'd like that all of you learn...", p.98

September 10

The master needs to know how you associate with each other, appreciate each other, overlook the faults of each other and see the good qualities in each other. He's conserned that you can come together to glorify the Lord despite all obstacles, in spite of all extra baggage (anarthas) we carry with us into this movement.

MKV (May 2013), "I'd like that all of you learn...", p.98

September 9

So many new people are coming. It's wonderful to see. But I also think about how these new people will become old devotees and will be able to stay in the association of devotees. It is not going to be only by an occasional visit by their spiritual master. If they have any hope to survive, they have to be able to also appreciate the association of devotees they are with on a more regular basis.

MKV (May 2013), "I'd like that all of you learn...", p.97

September 8

It is not that association is available only when a spiritual master comes for a visit. If I can leave behind something that will help devotees appreciate each other, I feel that's an important contribution because that will give strength to our movement and will give our movement a future.

MKV (May 2013), "I'd like that all of you learn...", p.96-97