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Niranjana Swami's Quote Of The Day

July 20

We must not think that only if Krishna brings everything to our doorstep, then we will serve Him. By making such a condition, the devotee actually expresses to Krishna that more important than the service are his necessities, and that is his condition for Krishna’s service. Krishna is very much inclined to those devotees who only want to serve Him.
(LFD Vol 3, Full Surrender, Pg 80, 3rd paragraph)

July 19

When a devotee takes that position of desiring the opportunity to serve the Lord,  the Lord maintains him by giving him service. Everything else he needs is automatically there, because the Lord is very eager to take care of His devotee. Mixed devotees, however, do not realize that. They think that they have to take care of all their material needs first before they can do some service, but the Lord is very much inclined to those devotees who are fully dependent upon Him. The Lord had told Srivasa Pandit, “Even if the Goddess of Fortune becomes impoverished, I will personally carry on My head everything that you need directly to your doorstep. You will never be in need."
LFD Vol 3, Full Surrender, Pg 80, 1st paragraph

July 13

Devotional service is not calculated according to quantity—that only if there is large quantity will the Lord be pleased. We understand that it is the quality of the offering which pleases the Lord.

Budapest -- October 11, 2009.

July 12

"Doing more" doesn't always necessarily mean that we are physically active. We also can do more by understanding or connecting our activities to pleasing Krishna. We can chant more, we can remember Krishna more, we can pray more. There are many things that one can increase that will be pleasing to Srila Prabhupada and ultimately will be pleasing to Krishna. It's not necessarily a fact that just by doing more physically that we will be able to obtain the result of all of these efforts together.

Minsk - November 5, 2009

July 11

Our constitutional nature is that we can choose to serve either Krishna, or we can serve Krishna's illusory energy. That's our choice. But that's the limit. There are no other options. We may look for other options, but they just don't exist. 

Kiev Sunday Feast Lecture - November 15, 2009

July 10

The characteristic of that which is spiritual, is eternal, full of knowledge, and full of pleasure. And the characteristic of that which is material is that it's temporary, full of ignorance and it's filled with suffering. Asat acit nirananda. Minsk, Belarus - November 4, 2009.

June 30

I have your letter which I received during my last visit to Moscow, and I have noted the contents with pleasure. This pleasure was aroused from reading that both of you are now serving Srila Prabhupada's mission, by assisting the devotees in Moscow with the many responsible tasks that lie on their shoulders. I'm very anxious to see that the devotees living outside the temple do not simply remain as “guests”, who visit the temple whenever there is a visiting sannyasi. Of course, in the beginning, that is understandable. But the more that one hears about Krishna, the more one's desire to serve Him should become aroused.

Collected Letters: Volume 2 

June 29

Sometimes devotees are very eager to jump immediately into the confidential subject matters, but if the adhikara (qualification) is not there, they will not be able to come closer to Krishna. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that it is like the person who tries to get the ripest fruit on the top of the tree by jumping. You can jump as much as you want, but the fruit is out of reach at the top of the tree. If you want to get to that ripe fruit, you have to climb the tree. Similarly, sometimes people want to get the confidential subject matter, but they do not want to climb the tree. As Prabhupada said, one must first deserve and then desire. We have to show Krishna that we really want confidential knowledge of Him. We have to hanker for it and qualify ourselves. That should be our bhajana and sadhana.
LFD Vol 3, Becoming recognized as a servant of the Lord, Pg 74, 4th paragraph.

June 27

Thus, Lord Nityananda does the cleaning and the preparation work to make one qualified to establish his relationship with Lord Caitanya. Even the offenders were delivered by the mercy of Lord Nityananda. When Lord Nitynanda petitions Lord Caitanya, “Please, bestow Your mercy upon them,” Lord Caitanya cannot refuse when He sees Nityananda begging with tears in His eyes, saying, “You have come to deliver the most fallen".
Even for those who have no faith, Lord Nityananda is so merciful that by His method of distribution, He awakens that faith in Gauranga. With tears in His eyes, He falls on the ground begging, “Please, simply take this name.” He is not asking for anything else.
LFD Vol 3, Establishing Our relationship with Lord, Pg 69, 3rd paragraph onwards.

June 27

A pure devotee prays to always remember the Lord. We may not be so advanced to say to Krishna, “Do whatever You have to do to make me Your devotee.” However, we can pray, “Please, let me always remember You." That is the greatest benediction.
LFD Vol 3, Becoming recognized as a servant of the Lord, Pg 71, 3rd paragraph.