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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

July 10

I am very glad to learn from your letter dated 2nd July that both yourself and Acyutananda went to Babu Ghat for chanting Hare Krsna. I am very glad to learn it. The same process I adopted in your country when I started my Sankirtana in Tompkins Square, New York. Krsna was so kind to send to me all these boys and girls who are helping me now. Babu Ghat is a very nice place. Similarly, in front of Babu Ghat there is the Eden Garden that is also a very nice place. After all it is not the question of the place, but it is the person who chants which is important. A sincere soul like you, so much devoted to Spiritual Master and Krsna is sure to be successful anywhere.

Letter to Jayapataka, 10 July, 1970

July 9

Now you husband and wife must work together combinedly with great responsibility for raising your new child in ideal Krsna consciousness. Children learn by imitation of their parents, so if you both set Krsna conscious example the child will very naturally and easily become advanced in Krsna consciousness by following. Please offer my blessings to your good wife, Laksmimoni, and your son.

Letter to Jagadisa, 9 July, 1970

July 8

Krishna Consciousness has great potency to deliver us to the highest platform of perfection, but only if it is understood by the intelligence. Something understood by the intelligence is fixed forever and cannot waver, and that is almost spiritual. From your letter, I can understand you are confused in your mind, because you do not want this, you do not want that, you might like another, like that. That position of confusion is not very much desirable, so you are a Vaisnava, now rid yourself of such misunderstanding of things. Vaisnava means one who is able to sit down anywhere, under any conditions, and be happy. He wants only a place to lay down, a little prasadam, and if there's a little service he can do, gladly let me do it for Krishna, that's all.

Letter to Bhagavatananda, 8 July, 1972

July 7

Always read and talk about Krishna between yourselves, and always remember that this life is but a flash only. We have to seek after our eternal life in Krishna Consciousness and be transferred to the spiritual world in the association of Krishna. Continue to keep your present attitude and certainly even within this life, you will be successful in attaining perfection of Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Dayananda, 7 July, 1968

July 6

If you chant these mantras, at least one in one day, your life will be glorious. This mantra, bhagavata-mantra, not only Bhagavata, every Vedic literature is a mantra. Transcendental sound. So practice resounding this mantra. So we have taken so much labor to put in diacritic mark, all the words, word meaning, utilize it. Don't think that these books are only for sale. If you go to sell these books and if some customer says, "You pronounce it," then what you will do? Then he will understand, "Oh, you are for selling, not for understanding."

Lecture on Srimad Bhagavatam 1.1.1, New-York, 6 July, 1972

July 5

So now you have taken to Krishna Consciousness wholeheartedly and I am so pleased to hear how enthusiastic you are for serving the Spiritual Master and for serving your husband also. That is your duty. You are your husband's better half and as such it is your duty to assist him in every way possible so that he can nicely execute Krishna Consciousness. Especially Makhanlal has taken charge of our Seattle temple and that is a big responsibility, so you must give him all assistance and all encouragement.

Letter to Tilaka devi dasi (Evalyn), 5 July, 1971

July 4

You can make my program for lecturing in the Indo-German society, taking it that I shall be going there in the month of August. I know there are many Sanskrit scholars in Germany, but unfortunately I have no practice to speak in Sanskrit. I can read and write, but I cannot speak in Sanskrit. But I don't think my speaking in Sanskrit will be required, and if I read from Sanskrit literature like Bhagavad-gita, Srimad-Bhagavatam, that will be sufficient. After all, I am not going to Germany as a Sanskrit scholar, but my attempt will be to deliver the message of Lord Caitanya in the shape of Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Krishna das, 4 July, 1969

July 3

Yes, we have got all the qualities of the Supersoul. Therefore, unless the Supersoul has got consciousness, how we can have consciousness? We are the samples, therefore the origin must have all the qualities that we have. There is no such thing as acceptance or rejection by the mind of the Supersoul. Our mind is in the present material existence a nonsense. It's business is simply to accept or reject. The Supersoul has no separate mind like that, but He has got mind also, and whatever He thinks in His mind, also, that is a fact. There is no question of accepting or rejecting. In Sanskrit language it is called Satya Sankalpa. And our mind is Vikalpa. The mind, body and the Supersoul is the same Absolute truth, there is no distinction between Them. This is in answer to your question, "is the 'conscience' the symptom of the Supersoul?''

Letter to Rupanuga, 3 July, 1968

July 2

Those who are very, very sinful, they go to the hellish condition of life, the planets. They are down this universe. There is the kingdom of Pluto, or Yamaraja. And he comes at the time of death, and the sinful man... Is very, very fierceful, odd looking, and they come to take. So here it is said that one who has once surrendered to Krsna, for them there is no such fear. Even in dream they will not see the order-carriers of Yamaraja.

Lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam 6.1.19, Denver, 2 July, 1975

July 1

All students should be encouraged to write some article after reading Srimad-Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-gita and Teachings of Lord Caitanya. They should realize the information, and they must present their assimilation in their own words. Otherwise, how they can become preachers?

Letter to Brahmananda, 1 July, 1969