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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

August 14

The real ocean of mercy is Krsna and it is the duty of the spiritual master to tell his disciple to come to the ocean and be happy. The spiritual master's duty is to lead the disciple to this ocean. I am trying my best and if you try to follow surely you will benefit.

Letter to Residents of New Dvaraka, 14 August, 1976

August 13

Regarding your meeting with the Ram Krishna Mission man, you write to say that he has advised you how you should work combinedly with the Maharishi group in Hamburg, and he has said that our goals are actually the same. I do not know how our goals are actually the same. Our goal is Krishna, and we are preaching the gospel of Krishna, Bhagavad-gita as it is. In the Bhagavad-gita the point is stressed to concentrate on Krishna only, and the highest perfection of yoga process is to realize Krishna both externally and internally. We are teaching to vibrate the transcendental chanting of "Krishna'' because in that way, by hearing the sound vibration of Krishna, we can see everything as diverse extension of Krishna's external energy. And because we think of Krishna always in all our activities, therefore, internally we are 24 hours in meditation with Krishna. I don't think the Maharishi group or the Ram Krishna Mission is teaching like that. So how can it be accepted that our goal is actually the same?

Letter to Jaya Govinda, 13 August, 1969

August 12

There are different varieties of sacrifices according to the different class of men. The whole idea of Vedic literature is to give chance to every human being to develop spiritual consciousness under certain rules and regulations. So what is applicable to the persons who are in the modes of ignorance, they are not applicable to the persons who are in the modes of goodness, or those who are in the modes of passion, they are not applicable to the modes of goodness. The gradual process of evolution.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 4.24-34, New York, August 12, 1966

August 11

If anyone understands the simple thing, that "I am not this body..." But education is given, "No, I am this body." This nationalism, this nationalism also the same mistake, but they are fighting so much. Great, great, big, big men. In this country, Napoleon fought. In Germany, Hitler fought. And so many others, in our country Gandhi fought. But he is in ignorance. All these big big leaders, they are ignorance, andha, blind. Blind. They do not know that he is not this body and neither this land belongs to him. But they fight. The whole history of the world means this mistaken idea. "I" and "mine."

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 13.3, Paris, 11 August, 1973

August 10

Srila Prabhupada was most enlivened to hear the report of New Govardhana Farm. His Divine Grace in the last month or so has been stressing the importance of these farm projects, and said, “This is the next aspect of Krsna consciousness which I wish to push forward. If I am able to travel again, then I shall visit the farms and make them perfect. On these farms we can demonstrate the full varnasrama system. If these farms become successful then the whole world will be enveloped by Krsna consciousness.”

Letter from Tamal Krsna Goswami, Secretary to Srila Prabhupada, to Hari Sauri dasa, 10 August 1977

August 9

What is the sacrifice? Sacrifice means yajnarthe karma. Just at the present moment our conception is that I am the proprietor of everything. Actually, I am not the proprietor. The Isopanisad says that isavasyam idam sarvam: [Iso mantra 1] "The Supreme Lord, Personality of Godhead, or Krsna, He is the proprietor." But deluded by the illusory energy of the material existence, we are thinking that "I am the proprietor." Therefore in the scriptures, in Vedic scriptures, sacrifice is recommended. Sacrifice means you give voluntarily. You give voluntarily. Because we have been so much attached to this material proprietorship, that... And without that attachment, there is no possibility of our becoming free from this material entanglement. But that attachment is very difficult to give up. Therefore sacrifice has been recommended, that "You sacrifice."

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 4.20-24, New York, August 9, 1966

August 8

Regarding your suggestion for a book especially for use in college courses, if possible you can pick it up from my other books, articles and speeches. You have the idea, so you can do it, just suitable for them.

Letter to Satsvarupa das Goswami, 8 August, 1974

August 7

Sridhara Svami is accepted as the original commentator on the Srimad-Bhagavatam. Perhaps you know that there is an edition of the Srimad-Bhagavatam by Krsna Sankara Sastri "abhinavah sukah'' Vedantacarya, Sahitya-tirtha, sribhagavatasudhanidhi, from Ahmedabad. In his book he has given almost all the important commentaries on the Bhagavatam, as follows: 1. Sridhara Svami 2. Sri Vamsidhara 3. Sri Gangasahaya 4. Srimad Viraraghavacarya 5. Srimad Vijayadhvaja Tirtha 6. Srimad Jiva Gosvami 7. Srimad Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura 8. Srimad sukadeva 9. Gosvami Sri-giridharalal (Vallabhacarya Sampradaya) 10. Sri Bhagavat-prasadacarya, etc. Among all commentaries, Sridhara Svami's is given the first position. This parampara has existed for a very long time.

Letter to Sumati Morarji, 7 August, 1976

August 6

We have to understand that fighting spirit is there in everyone. You cannot check it, you cannot stop it. We do not say stop. The Mayavadi philosopher says that "You stop this thing," but that is not possible. You cannot stop. Because you are living entity, you have got all these propensities. How you can stop it? But it should be utilized properly. That's all. You have got the fighting spirit. How to utilize it? Yes. Narottama dasa Thakura recommends, krodha bhakta-dvesi-jane: "Those who are envious of God or God's devotee, you can utilize your anger upon them." You can utilize. The anger you cannot give up. Our business is how to utilize it. That is Krsna consciousness.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 2.6, London, August 6, 1973

August 5

You have asked me about my plans: My plan is for preaching with your help. You arrange for everything, and I shall talk about Krishna Consciousness for any length of time, anywhere. That is my mission.

Letter to Krishna Das, 5 August, 1969