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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

December 16

One of the members of the Arya-samajis, he... They do not favor the temple worship. So he asked me, "Swamiji, do you think God eats?" I said, "Yes." "Then how do you think?" "Because God says, 'I eat.' " Here is, Krsna says, asnami. So God says, "I eat." Who are you that He does not eat? I replied him like that. Who are you? You say that God does not eat, but here God says, "I eat." So whom shall I believe, a loafer like you, or Krsna? (laughter) I am a third person, and you are also a third person, and Krsna is recognized the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Whom shall I believe? I accept that I am the fool number one, but whom shall I accept, you or Krsna?

Lecture on Bhagavad-Gita 9.26-27, New York, 16 December, 1966

December 15

This asuric public, they do not know which way their destination is. They say it is self-interest but these rascals they do not know what is the self-interest because their very beginning of life is mistaken. They are thinking this body is the self. So how they will know self-interest? The basic principle is mistaken. Dehatma-buddhi. The dogs, cats, they think that "I am this body." So same interest, asura. They do not know, neither they try to understand. Dehino 'smin yatha dehe [Bg. 2.13]. Within this body the spirit soul is there. They cannot understand. Therefore their self-interest is mistaken. Real self-interest is that "I am spirit soul, I am son of God, my father is very, very rich, opulent. I have given up my father's association and therefore I am suffering." Otherwise there is no question of suffering.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 16.7, Hyderabad, 15 December, 1976


December 14

Regarding your question, what is the difference between Krishna and the deity, that is nonsense. There is no difference between Krishna and the Deity. Anyone who sees such difference, he has not understood the philosophy. There is nothing like that: inside and outside the Deity. This is Dr. Radha-Krishna's philosophy: "It is not to the Krishna, but to the inside Krishna.''

Letter to Visvambhara, 14 December, 1972


December 13

Radha-Krishna Lila belongs to the fourth stage of understanding, and we are publishing BTG for people in general to re-establish their forgotten relationship with Krishna. So we should always remember this and from Srimad-Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-gita, and Isopanisad they should try to write how our relationship is revoked from this stage of forgetfulness. They should write articles like this: 1) Krishna, the Omnipotent, 2) How God can be realized as All-Pervasive, 3) The Original Source of Everything, 4) Transcendental Process of Hearing, 5) How one gets out of the Clutches of Maya, 6) Prayers by Arjuna, 7) Prayers by Kunti Devi, 8) Prayers by Bhismadeva.

Letter to Satsvarupa, 13 December, 1969


December 12

When our routine work, like chanting, reading books, nice arati, deity worship, etc., is very nice, then our preaching will have effect. That is the secret.

Letter to Kirtanananda Maharaja, 12 December, 1971


December 11

The Sankirtana devotees are very very dear to Krishna. Because you are doing the field work of book distribution, Krishna has immediately recognized them as true servants. Just like during war time, a farm boy or ordinary clerk who goes to fight for his country on the front, immediately becomes a national hero for his sincere effort. So Krishna immediately recognizes a preacher of Krishna consciousness who takes all risks to deliver his message. It is called Dhira vrata - determination. These boys and girls are mahatmas

Letter to Uttamasloka Prabhu, 11 December, 1975

December 10

Although everything emanates from the Personality of Godhead, He never diminishes. Here on earth the petrol is running out, and this is becoming a terrible problem, but the sun is still shining and will continue to shine for an untold number of years. And Krsna can create millions of suns; in fact, He has already done so. But He is still fully potent. He has lost nothing. That is God, and that is the supreme energy of God, acintya-sakti.

The Sixteenth Morning Walk, On the shores of the Pacific Ocean Near Los Angeles, December 10, 1973


December 9

I am very glad to know that you are preaching there in Baltimore, and there is no question of bigness or smallness of the center so far pleasing me is concerned. It is the sincerity of the attempt that is the important thing. Of course as Krsna sees the sincerity of our hearts, He supplies the facilities. Just like I came to your country with only Rs. 40, and now we have got this huge institution.

Letter to Sama das Adhikari, 9 December, 1974


December 8

If there are broken beads, they may simply be replaced without that I have to chant on them. Once sanctified by the Spiritual Master, your chanting of Hare Krishna is eternally blessed.

Letter to Upendra, 8 December, 1971


December 7

There are so many statements, "Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead." So anyone who is actually serious about understanding about the Supreme Personality of Godhead, there is no difficulty. But because we are obstinate, because we are sinful, because we are lowest of the mankind, because our knowledge has been taken away by maya, and because we are atheists, we do not accept Krsna as the Supreme Personality. Otherwise, there is no reason.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 2.1, Ahmedabad, December 7, 1972