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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

January 29

In the tentative course outlines some additions are as follows. In the philosophy section there should be a class dealing with all the Vaisnava philosophies (the four sampradayas). Music class can be based on the Sama Veda. In the Political Science class Maharaja Prthu's life may also be studied. There should also be a discussion with the GBC regarding what titles should be awarded to students who pass.

Letter to Svarupa Damodara, 29 January, 1976

January 28

In the Santa Rasa stage there is a chance of meeting a devotee by the Grace of Lord Krishna, and therefore, generally, the next birth is human being. Unless there is a great fall-down on account of various reasons, any transcendentalist, either personalist or impersonalist, if he makes regular progress in the regulative principles, even though he does not finish, the whole program, is sure to get his next birth in a good family - generally a rich man's or a pure Brahmin's—that is confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita.

Letter to Bhagavan das, 28 January, 1970

January 27

Extend your activities to the University campus because the younger generation is our future hope. Bamboo while it is green can be bent and carved, but while it is yellow and ripe if there is any attempt to bend it, it cracks. Krishna is evergreen youthful Original Person and He gathers around Him all young boys and girls as cowherd boys and gopis in His eternal Vrndavana Lila. So try seriously to impress upon the young hearts and you will be successful.

Letter to Gajendra das, 27 January, 1970

January 26

Lord Caitanya is Narayana Himself, and His wife, Visnupriya, is the Goddess of Fortune. Lord Caitanya was a very learned scholar, a very beautiful young brahmana, and He had a very affectionate mother, but Lord Caitanya Himself accepted the botheration voluntarily for the good of the human society and all living entities. We should always follow these footprints - not try to imitate, but to follow the same spirit of compassion for the conditioned soul and try to help them advance to Krishna Consciousness. Actually in the service of Krishna there is no botheration. Rather we feel more transcendental pleasure. I hope you will more and more appreciate this status as you work combinedly with your very good husband, Gaurasundara.

Letter to Govinda Dasi, 26 January, 1969

January 25

Regarding your questions, the so-called love which goes on in the material world is simply a perverted form of dasya rasa. Everything in this world is a perverted form of rasa. Just like Yasoda is loving Krishna as her Son. So this is vatsalya rasa, parental love. When Krishna is separate from Yasoda, she cried for whole life and thus became blind. In this world there is not a single instance where a mother has suffered so much in separation from her son. Therefore, it is perverted reflection of the real love.

Letter to Mahapurusa, 25 January, 1969

January 24

Regarding your keeping private deities, if you will have time it is all right, but the same energy can be utilized in the temple for decorating, dressing, cleaning, cooking. Actually, every day the dress should be changed with new ornaments, clothes, flower garlands. So we can increase even in one place the activities of deity worship. If you are having free time, I can give you a very grand list of activities for deity worship which will keep you occupied for twenty four hours each day.

Letter to Himavati, 24 January, 1969

January 23

In our original position we have got all the good qualities of God. Now, due to the material contamination, the godly qualities are covered. The godly qualities are there, but it is covered. That covering is possible due to our very minuteness, very small quantity. Therefore we are fallible, but Krsna is not fallible.

Lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.16.26-30, Hawaii, January 23, 1974

January 22

I quite approve your plan for manufacturing Jagannathas and do some profit out of it for maintenance of our temple.

Letter to Hamsaduta, 22 January, 1968

January 21

I am glad to see that incense distribution is increasing and your method of distribution, that is with our literature prasadam, etc. is very nice. So continue it. I am especially pleased at how you are distributing our books, particularly to the schools and universities. This program is so important and should be increased more and more. We want to flood the world over with our books. So go on in this way and Krishna will surely bless you.

Letter to Sri Govinda, 21 January, 1971

January 20

Our young men must be trained at the earliest age to not be attached to so many things like the home, family, friendship, society, and nation. To train the innocent boy to be a sense gratifier at the early age when the child is actually happy in any circumstance is the greatest violence. Therefore; brahmacari gurukulae vasan danto guror hitam [SB 7.12.1]. The brahmacari lives at the place of the spiritual master and works for the benefit of the spiritual master by begging for his maintenance, by cleaning, learning the principles of Krsna consciousness, and engaging in the process of bhagavata dharma, whereby his life will have a firm, sane foundation with which he can overcome the forces of maya by strong training in the beginning.

Letter to Jayatirtha, 20 January, 1976