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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

July 20

This material world means material senses. That's all.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 1.24-25, London, 20 July, 1973

July 19

If you have a child and you are not married, still, having child is the same as being married, so there is no more marriage. Marriage is not for sense gratification.

Letter to Navina, 19 July, 1972

July 18

Just like this finger is part and parcel of my body. Its business is to serve the body. That is the business. There is no other business. A finger can pick up a rasagulla and keep it here. The finger cannot eat. Similarly, we cannot eat directly. That is our diseased condition. We have to offer Krsna. When Krsna eats, if we eat that, then we become energized. Just like you rasagulla put into the mouth. When it goes to the stomach, the finger immediately becomes reddish. The finger enjoys. Not only the finger, the eyes enjoy, the legs enjoy, because the energy is distributed. Directly we cannot be energized by eating. We must eat Krsna's prasadam. This is principle. Jivera svarupa haya nitya krsna dasa [Cc. Madhya 20.108-109].

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 1.21-22, London, 18 July, 1973

July 17

I am also glad to note that a meeting of all the presidents was held just recently in order to unify the temples. That is the process. Unless we work cooperatively, how this movement will go on? So my request to you all is that you maintain that spirit of cooperation always and help me to deliver Lord Caitanya's message all over the globe.

Letter to Tribhuvanatha, 17 July, 1971

July 16

Other major celebrations are Janmastami and Lord Caitanya's Abhirbhava on Phalguni Purnima. These are especially celebrated gorgeously at New Vrndavana and New Navadvipa respectively. For its lavish Rathayatras yearly for the last four years San Francisco is now commonly known as New Jagannatha Puri. We are gradually increasing the size of major festivals and eventually there will be twenty-four or two each month. The public response is always very encouraging.

Letter to Nevatiaji, 16 July, 1970

July 15

No, it is not very good to use yeast in preparing prasadam. It is better to prepare bread in the process as you have seen done in the temple.

Letter to Vibhavati, 15 July, 1969

July 14

Our point is that the tourists may concentrate in Vrindaban with us, live with us, and learn from us the spiritual life. What is the use of wandering here and there, simply seeing this and that and going home? Our main business is to teach them Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Gurudasa, 14 July, 1972

July 13

To summarise the conclusions of Bhagavad-gita it may be said that,
1) God is one and everything is in Him and He is in everything.
2) To render transcendental service unto God is to serve everything that be, just like to water the root of the tree is to water the different branches and numerous leaves of the tree or to supply food to the stomach is to vitalize all the senses and the sense organs of the body.
3) The parts are automatically served when the Whole is served but when the parts are served the whole may not be served or not served at all.
4) The parts and the Whole being eternally related, it is the eternal duty of the parts to render service unto the Whole.
5) A recipient of the services of the parts, God's sat-cit-ananda vigraha i.e. the all-attractive Cognizant and all-blissful Personality eternal. He can reveal Himself by His own potency without any help of the external potency called maya in order to be cognizable by the limited potency of the parts and as such He is not only the greatest of all but he is the smallest of all. That is His prerogative;...

Letter to Raja Sahib, 13 July, 1947

July 12

I have received Sriman Vinode Patel's letter, and I have replied the same also promptly. He appears to be a great help to your temple, and please try to keep him nicely. This is the sequence of Krishna Consciousness. He is a foreigner and belonging to a different country and culture, but Krishna Consciousness is so nice that one forgets his material designations and one tries to associate with similar Krishna consciousness persons. This is a Sanskrit word, is called Swajati Snigdha Saya. That means melted on the pure spiritual platform. We hope to bring everyone to such spiritual platform so that everyone will forget his material false identification and come to the real platform of becoming eternally the servant of Krishna.

Letter to Jayananda, 12 July, 1968

July 11

Unless one is initiated they cannot cook. They must be regular disciples then they can do Deity worship. So there is no question of the outsiders cooking in the New Delhi temple.

Letter to Gopala Krishna das, 11 July, 1976