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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

February 8

Materially a woman may be less intelligent than a man, but spiritually there is no such distinction. Because spiritually everyone is pure soul. In the absolute plane there is no such gradation of higher and lower. If a woman can lecture nicely and to the point, we should hear her carefully. That is our philosophy. But if a man can speak better than a woman, the man should be given first preference. But even though a woman is less intelligent, a sincere soul should be given proper chance to speak, because we want so many preachers, both men and women.

Letter to Jaya Govinda, 8 February, 1968

February 7

Good karma means what is prescribed in the Vedas. Specifically, it is prescribed that one should perform yajna. Yajna means actions for the satisfaction of Lord Visnu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. So good karma means performance of the yajnas as they are prescribed in the Vedic literatures. And the purpose of this yajna is to satisfy the Supreme Lord. A good, law-abiding citizen is one whose actions satisfy the government. So, good karma is to satisfy Lord Visnu, the Supreme Lord. Unfortunately, modern civilization does not know what the Supreme Personality of Godhead is, what to speak of satisfying Him people do not know. They are simply busy with material activities. Therefore all of them are performing only bad karma and therefore suffering.

Lecture on Bhagavad-Gita 16.11-12, Hawaii, 7 February, 1975

February 6

They are very much proud of this body. Why? Alpa-buddhayah, it is said, "less intelligent." Less intelligent. So why he has become less intelligent? That is described in this verse, kamam asritya. His basic principle of life is lusty desire, asritya. He has taken shelter of principally the lusty desire, kamam asritya.

Lecture on Bhagavad-Gita 16.10, Hawaii, 6 February, 1975

February 5

Your suggestion that the devotees visiting Vrindaban engage in preaching and chanting and not in gossiping is very good. I have instructed that this be taken to the GBC and implanted. We have sacrificed our life for Krsna's service, where is there scope for sleeping and gossiping? You can see in my example, not a single moment is wasted. This idleness is the business of the karmis.

Letter to Gurudasa Maharaja, 5 February, 1977

February 4

The proper spelling of your spiritual name is LABANGALATIKA. The meaning of Labangalatika is delicate, sometimes Radharani is addressed as Labangalatika.

Letter to Labangalatika dasi, 4 February 1968

February 3

You said that your job is maya, but you must know that maya is illusion. As soon as there is absence of Krishna Consciousness - that is maya. But you are working just to help and push Krishna's interest; therefore, it is not maya.

Letter to Jaya Govinda, 3 February, 1970

February 2

Your study aids that you are using to help the children learn the meaning of Bhagavad-gita slokas fully seem to be alright. The thing is, you must see that the meaning of the verse is in no way altered or changed. Simplification is alright but do not change anything.

Letter to Dayananda das, 2 February, 1975

February 1

I am pleased by your wish to remain as brahmacari, and if you stick to your decision you will be able to go back to Godhead, back to Home, in this very life without waiting for another birth. Please try in every way to stick to this principle, and simply engage yourself in Krishna's service. That will protect you from any attack of maya. Maya can take Krishna's place in our heart as soon as there is a slackness on our part. Otherwise, if Krishna's seated always, maya has no opportunity to occupy the seat.

Letter to Upendra, 1 February, 1969

January 31

Regarding your question about the individual soul becoming all-pervasive, the idea is completely nonsensical rascaldom. Such theory is simply a bluff. Artificially, by means of practical psychology, one can understand very little of another's thinking and feeling. But this is in no way all-pervasive. If any yogi says like that, especially the modern so-called yogis, it is simply falsehood. In however perfect stage of yoga one may be, he may understand something of another's mental condition, but this is never all-pervasive. This all-pervasive consciousness is possible only in the Supersoul.

Letter to Rukmini, January 31, 1969

January 30

Western culture is monotheistic, but Westerners are being misled by impersonal Indian speculation. The young people of the West are frustrated because they are not diligently taught about monotheism. They are not satisfied with this process of teaching and understanding. The Krsna consciousness movement is a boon to them, because they are being really trained to understand Western monotheism under the authoritative Vedic system. We do not simply theoretically discuss; rather, we learn by the prescribed method of Vedic regulations.

Letter to J. F. Staal, Professor of Philosophy and of South Asian Languages, University of California, Berkeley, California, 30 January, 1970