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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

January 4

I do not know when I have said to anyone that Krsna should not wear anything black color, nor I know where I have given any permission to wear black color, but there is no harm if sometimes Krsna dresses something black. Sometimes in Vrndavana they dress Him in black.

Letter to Dhruvananda, 4 January, 1973

January 3

The fact is that I am the only one in India who is openly criticizing, not only demigod worship and impersonalism, but everything that falls short of complete surrender to Krishna. My Guru Maharaja never compromised in His preaching, nor will I nor should any of my students. We are firmly convinced that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and all other are His part and parcel servants. This we must declare boldly to the whole world, that they should not foolishly dream of world peace unless they are prepared to surrender fully to Krishna as Supreme Lord.

Letter to Giriraja, 3 January, 1972

January 2

Your next question was about the free will, whether we have it or not? If one is not intelligent enough for making for making decisions, then all decisions shall be sanctioned by the spiritual master. Neophyte means no independent decisions, no free will, that means surrender. But when he is trained up then automatically he gets his freedom. Just like a small child can only eat such things which are sanctioned by his parents, not by his own discretion. Free will is that when the controller says do this, you can use your free will to do it or not to do it. You have got the power to not do.

Letter toYajnesvara, 2 January, 1972

January 1

If you don't solve this problem, janma-mrtyu-jara-vyadhi (birth, death, old age, and disease), then any form of life, there will be problems. Even if you are elevated to the heavenly planets, there are also problems. Indra is not very happy there, the king of heavenly planet. Although the higher planets, the duration of life, the standard of civilization, standard of comforts many, many thousand times greater than here, but the same problem - janma-mrtyu-jara-vyadhi - is there. You cannot avoid it.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 3.27, Madras, January 1, 1976

December 31

Our expending energy for Krsna, that is appreciated, not the actual result of our energy. But if there is lack of energy being devoted for some purpose, then everything will be delayed and possibly stopped.

Letter to Dhananjaya, 31 December, 1972

December 30

Self-realized person does not do any harm to anyone because he knows everyone in relationship with the Supreme. His central point is Krsna. Neither he'll misuse anything. He makes everything proper use. "This nice foodstuff, it is given by Krsna, let it be offered to Krsna." That is not misuse; that is the proper use. "Here is nice rose flower, it is manufactured by Krsna's energy, let it be offered to Krsna." This is self-realization.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 3.18-30, Los Angeles, December 30, 1968

December 29

Regarding your thoughts of marriage, I think that for the present time you should take your mind away from such conceptions. Marriage is not so important. Your age is not so ripen that marriage is required. Try to remain as brahmacari, that is important. There will be many girls available in the future, so there will be no difficulty in finding a wife if you are desiring in this way.

Letter to Nandakisora, 29 December, 1968

December 28

If there are amply books, everything else will succeed. Practically our Society is built on books.

Letter to Yogesvara, 28 December, 1971

December 27

We want that the mass shall support us, but we want that the class shall preach for us, that is the distinction.

Letter to Mukunda, 27 December, 1972

December 26

We want that Krsna's name will become the most prominent in the Western world, directly or indirectly. Either they praise Krsna or criticize they are being purifies.

Letter to Adi Kesava, 26 December, 1976