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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

March 4

There is no doubt about our success if we can make this Kirtana party successful. The most important point in this connection is that we shall never be professional; that is to say, we shall try to make the Kirtana party perfect from the point of view of Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Hamsaduta, 4 March, 1968

March 3

To be determined that the child will have his last birth into ignorance is very good.

Letter to Hamsaduta and Himavati devi, 3 March, 1968

March 2

We are not impersonalists, under the circumstances we have got varieties of perception in the matter of discharging devotional service. In Rupa Goswami's "Siksamrta'' it is stated that advanced life in Krsna Consciousness means one should be always very much anxious to calculate whether every moment of his life has not been utilized in devotional service. This is called feeling of being afraid for misusing time. One should be very careful to estimate how every moment of his life is being utilized in the service of the Lord. The Goswamis were very much advanced in this line of action, and therefore about them it is said "nidra hara bihara vijito'' that means one who has conquered over eating, sleeping, and mating.

Letter to Yamuna, 2 March, 1970

March 1

You have to become tolerant. When Krsna was instructed about the eternity of the soul to Arjuna, Arjuna understood it. He said, "My dear Krsna, I quite understand that soul is eternal. Even my teacher and grandfather is killed, he is bodily killed, but he is eternal. I can understand. But do You think that if my brother or if my grandfather or if my teacher with whom I am so thickly connected, if they die, shall I be happy?" So Krsna answered, "Yes. You'll not be happy. Although you know that your son is eternal, he is not dying, he is changing his body... By theoretical knowledge or by understanding, you know it. But who is there in this world who will not cry when the son is dead? He will cry. But that crying is not crying like a layman. He knows that 'My...,' this is habitual. This is habitual."

Lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam 6.1.7, San Francisco, March 1, 1967

February 28

Your idea to start a nursery school in New Vrindaban is very good proposal and you may immediately try for it by cooperatively consulting amongst yourselves how to do it. But one thing, we are teaching Bhakti by practical attendance and by decreasing playing desire or drive. If the children simply do as their elders are doing, that is, regularly attending mangal arati, rising early, chanting, eating prasadam, looking at books, worshiping the [Deities] like that, then automatically they will become trained up in right way and there is no need for special program for education. Children will always do as they see others doing, so if by the good association of their parents and the other older persons, they will come out nicely fixed in Krishna Consciousness, and because they are not spoiled by an artificial standard of sense gratification, they will think that performing austerities is great fun.

Letter to Satyabhama, 28 February, 1972

February 27

Not that being free from Maya is the goal of striving, but that the serving is the goal of striving. Liberation is the constitutional position of the living entity, and that constitutional position is that the Lord is great and that the living entity is subordinate & servant of the Lord. So one should try to extricate himself from the clutches of Maya in order to regain his healthy, normal condition as the servant of Krishna, not just to get himself liberated. But once in this service, he is liberated already. Try to understand.

Letter to Mohanananda, 27 February, 1972

February 26

Please find out if this boy Bob has got any knowledge or experience of casting, or any such equipment. I want to make 100 Murtis, probably in hard rubber, for our Temples.

Letter to Brahmananda, 26 February, 1968

February 25

Once prasadam (water or foodstuffs) is offered to the Lord, His Plate should remain on the altar for about 15-20 minutes (while the portion in the pots may be taken by the devotees). Water need only remain there for a few minutes. Once the prasadam is removed from the altar, and touched by us, it should not again be placed on the altar. Whatever we offer should be as fresh and pure as is possible.

Letter to Karunamayi Dasi, 25 February, 1968

February 24

Everyone, practically, they are addicted to these sinful activities. So therefore they are mad, pramattah. Vikarma. These are forbidden in the sastras, and they are doing that. Why? Because they are mad. Why they are so mad? Nunam pramattah kurute vikarma [SB 5.5.4]. Now, yad indriya-pritaya aprnoti: "Simply for sense gratification." That's all. Simply for sense gratification. Not for any big but to satisfy the senses.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 7.9-10, Bombay, 24 February, 1974

February 23

Actually that taste is Krsna. Because that water is also Krsna. Water is Krsna in this sense: the energy of Krsna. Just like fire and the heat. Heat is the energy of Krsna. So heat and fire is not distinct. They are the same. Still, the heat is not fire. This is called acintya-bhedabheda philosophy, simultaneously one and different. Simultaneously. Everything. Idam hi visvam bhagavan ivetarah. It requires only realization that "Whole universe is Krsna." Idam hi visvam bhagavan. But it appears different from Bhagavan.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 7.8, Bombay, 23 February, 1974