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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

November 6

Murti means a worshipable statue.

Letter to Jadurani, 6 November, 1968

October 20

We have to purify our existence so that we can revive our original position of eternal life, blissful life, full of knowledge. That is our requirement. So modern civilization, they have no such information. Everyone is trying to improve his condition according to the quality. But that is not improvement. Real improvement is how to get out of this cycle of birth and death. That is real improvement.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 13.22, Bombay, 20 October, 1973

October 19

My beloved sannyasi disciple Swami Pusta Krishna has promised to give me a car, and as soon as I get it I shall move from village to village along with some selected assistants and organize this farming village development program.

Letter to Kartikeya K. Mahadevia, 19 October, 1975

October 18

Regarding movement of the members from one temple to another, I think the local president's permission is sufficient. Don't take too much load of individual administration. That will be unmanageable in the near future.

Letter to Tamala Krishna, 18 October, 1969

October 17

Regarding your point: program for a spiritual world civilization - it is very nice suggestion. And practically our Krishna Consciousness movement is built on this idea, that we want to make a world civilization on the basis of spiritual understanding. So I am giving you some points which you may expand or do it for understanding of the people in general.

Letter to Rayarama, 17 October, 1968

October 16

Regarding your separating from Nandarani, nothing should be done artificially. Nandarani is not different from you. She also seeks Krsna consciousness. Your household life is not repugnant; it is favorable. Do not separate artificially. When everyone is engaged in Krsna's service, there is no question of maya. I have got good estimation about Nandarani.

Letter to Dayananda Das, 16 October, 1973

October 15

One person may be or may not be inclined to accept Krishna Consciousness, but that doesn't matter, but if we try our best to make one person Krishna Conscious, then our duty is carried nicely. That is recognized by Krishna. In Sanskrit it is said Yatne Krite Yadina Sidehati Kotra Dosah. That means, in spite of our best efforts, if things do not come successful, then there is no fault on our side. That should be the principle of our preaching, we shall try our best to convince others in Krishna Consciousness, and Krishna will be pleased, that is our gain.

Letter to Rupanuga, 15 October, 1968

October 14

I heard from Sivananda that you had left him without his knowledge. That is not very good. When he wrote me twice "my wife has left me and there is no trace'' then I advised him that instead of marrying again, better to prepare for sannyasa. So far my knowledge is concerned, I consider Sivananda as one of my foremost disciples. I always remember his smiling face and when I was in Hamburg he was my constant companion and my personal attendant also. So I cannot forget Sivananda's good behavior and gentle nature. I do not know why you disagreed with such a nice husband. If you take my advice, then you will immediately return to your husband and live there peacefully. You are a qualified girl. You can do extensive service to Krishna. I require your service in the matter of translating work. So I advise you to engage yourself fully in your good quality occupation and be advanced in Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Vrinda devi, 14 October, 1971

October 13

The body is undoubtedly a material vehicle but when it acts for Krishna Consciousness it becomes spiritualized. By the grace of Krishna material energy can be transformed to spiritual energy & spiritual energy is never deteriorated. To be in Krishna Consciousness means to be in Spiritual energy.

Letter to Hamsaduta, 13 October, 1967

October 12

Recently I have visited our Gurukula school in Dallas, and I was quite satisfied how the boys and girls are being trained up to be ideal Vaisnavas. This training from an early age is important, and I also was fortunate to have received such training when I was a child.

Letter to Tulsi devi dasi, 12 October, 1974