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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

January 6

You must all study very scrutinizingly all of the books so that when the need arises you can repeat in your own words their purport.

Letter to Hrdayananda, 6 January, 1972

January 5

Now you and all of your men are experienced in distributing books to the libraries. If you can get our books placed in the public libraries it will be a great victory. Do whatever you think bet to make this possible. Yes, the reviews you are getting are very important. Many times I am showing them to influential gentlemen.

Letter to Satsvarupa Maharaja, 5 January, 1976

January 4

When the property is secured, then you can install the Deities. Otherwise, don't take the risk.

Letter to Balavanta, 4 January, 1977

January 3

I am very glad to hear from you the wonderful news of travelling party in England. I think the people of that place are becoming more and more inclined for this Krishna Consciousness movement, they are inviting you to stay at their houses, they are taking books, becoming sometimes devotees - all of these are very encouraging signs to me. If you simply go on in this way, stopping in every village and city of England-Scotland, or if there are other places like Ireland, simply stop for some time, distribute books and hold Sankirtana procession, answer their questions, give some leaflets or small informations freely, distribute prasadam wherever possible, at least some small thing, and if there is genuine interest being shown, then request the townspeople to arrange some engagements for speaking in their schools, or in someone's home, or a hall, like that. In this way remain always without anxiety for destination and comfortable situations, always relying only on the mercy of Krishna for your plan.

Letter to Prabha Visnu, 3 January, 1973

January 2

Sometimes it so happens that we have to suffer for our past sinful activities. But because we have taken to Krishna Consciousness and serving Krishna, we should know that any suffering we have to bear have been far reduced by the mercy of the Lord. Suffering must be there so long as we are conditioned in this material world, but for the devotees the suffering is minimized compared to that of the nondevotees. We have to tolerate any difficulties which come up, and somehow go on with our chanting, reading and routine work.

Letter to Von Paul Reed, 2 January, 1972

January 1

I am sorry to learn that although you are so sober you have been disturbed by your married life.
Married life does not mean that there will be no disagreement between husband and wife - that is a custom from time immemorial. According to Vedic system, disagreement or quarrel between husband and wife should never be taken very seriously. The Vedic system therefore gives a concession for the wife to separate from her husband for some time and go to her father's house. So Cintamani may come to me for some time, but you cannot deviate from your responsibility in Japan.

Letter to Sudama, 1 January, 1971

December 31

Regarding Ganesa Puja, I have received some letters from persons requesting to also perform it. I have explained to them that ultimately it is not required, but if you have some sentiment to get the blessings of Ganesa in order to get huge sums of money for service of Krishna, then it can be done, but privately. I have instructed them that if they want to do it, they must send me at least 100,000 dollars monthly - not less.

Letter to Gurukrpa Swami, 31 December, 1974

December 29

I request you to also remain there, work nicely with Mr. Punja and take charge of the preaching, kirtanas, prasadam and book distribution programs. This is actually the work for a brahmacari. If you absorb yourself in this work you will feel very blissful.

Letter to Vijayadvaja, 29 December, 1974

December 30

In your Bible, there are ten commandments. "Thou shall not kill." So for whom? One who is not self-realized, one who is self-realized that "I am part and parcel of the Supreme God, everyone is part and parcel of the Supreme God and human being, animal, ant, aquatic, beasts, birds, every living entity is part and parcel of the Supreme Lord,"... That is self-realization. Then how can you kill? If everyone is part and parcel, son of the Supreme, how can you kill your brother? This is self-realization. You'll not... You'll hesitate even to kill even an ant.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 3.18-30, Los Angeles, December 30, 1968

December 28

I think that you should immediately try and get the church in Toronto. Take it immediately. Church is always cheaper as there are not many other purchasers. This way we can bargain with them and bring the price down. The psychology behind it is that the Christians will hesitate to tear down a church. They would rather see it still standing. Gradually you should buy all the churches and make them into temples. There are so many churches actually they should give us these churches free, if they were actually God-conscious. But they are sectarian.

Letter to Jagadisa, 28 December, 1974