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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

October 21

There is no question of stagnation in Krishna Consciousness. Krishna is unlimited. The more we advance in Krishna Consciousness, the more we understand about Him. We cannot finish the process of understanding Him. The little more that we advance, we see still that He is far away. Even Krishna couldn't understand His position in relationship to Radharani, therefore, He took the position of Radharani to understand Himself as Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Letter to Satsvarupa das Maharaja, 21 October, 1975


October 20

Why one is born in lower grade family? Why one is born in high-grade family? Karanam guna-sango 'sya. The cause is as he has associated with different types of qualities. So unfortunately, this science, that there is birth after death, and there is, actually, we are experience, we are seeing, but they do not inquire. They think that one can improve. That is not possible. Unless he changes the quality, he cannot improve. That is not possible. They do not know it. They are falsely trying to improve the position. Nobody is trying to become poor. Everyone is trying to become rich. But it is not possible. Because he has got a particular type of body, and that body is already destined, and he has to achieve happiness or suffer distresses according to the body.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 13.22, Bombay, 20 October, 1973


October 19

Please accept my blessings and offer the same to your wife, Gauridevi, and your children. I am enclosing herewith some foreign stamps for your beloved son, Kirtana.

Letter to Kartikeya K. Mahadevia, 19 October, 1975


October 18

We shall always pray to Krishna that we are weak and Maya is very strong. So seek for His protection in every step so Maya may not inflict upon us her trident injuries. Perhaps you have seen the picture of Durga carrying the trident in her hand, which is a symbol of the 3-fold miseries of material existence.

Letter to Gargamuni, 18 October, 1969


October 17

So far the administrator class of men, or mercantile class of men, and laborer class of men, there are many institutions but to train a first class intellectual man, there is no institution all over the world. And there is no institution for spiritual training also. So this Krishna Consciousness movement is trying to help the human society on these two points, which they are lacking. So we have therefore taken a large tract of land to begin with, in W. Virginia, the place is called New Vrindaban. So we want to train students for becoming the first class intellectual person, and instruct the whole human society about the aim of life, and Krishna Consciousness or God consciousness. So we are inviting the desiring or intending students to join in our institution and we invite the public and government to cooperate with our movement.

Letter to Rayarama, 17 October, 1968


October 16

If your father fortunate, and I think he is fortunate, because he has got two nice sons, so Krishna is certainly pleased on him. His present demoniac qualification is no bar for getting mercy of Krishna, because you are two sons present for his salvation. Just like Prahlada Maharaja—his father was atheist, and he was always inimical to his great son, but still the son was so good that he arranged for the salvation of his father. So Vaisnava son in a family can give the best service to his family members, and you are ideal two brothers in this country, and you show the example how everything can be adopted, in the service of Krishna.

Letter to Brahmananda, 16 October, 1968


October 15

I am very much pleased with your preaching enthusiasm, when you say, "If people won't come to us, here, we will go to them.'' And this is the process of preaching, and this is required. I thank you very much for your this spirit. Just like I have come to your country, with the same spirit. Actually, still even in so much fallen condition of India, if one has to learn spiritual science, then he must consult some bona fide spiritual master, in India. That is the opinion of a great Chinese author. So people are not going there, neither Government has any arrangement to educate this spiritual science. So therefore I have come to your country, and those who are eager to receive, they are coming to us. In this way, we have to forward our mission.

Letter to Nandarani, 15 October, 1968


October 14

It is not that the individual jiva is within every atom, but paramatma is in each atom. It is stated in the Brahma Samhita as follows: andantara-stham paramanu-cayam tarastham, "Who is situated within every atom...''

Letter to Dhrstaketu das, 14 October, 1973


October 13

Regarding the saligram sila, it will be installed along with the other Deities.

Letter to Cyavana Swami, 13 October, 1973


October 12

It has become a fashion nowadays amongst the politicians, scholars, and so-called swamis to deride Krishna. This is very dangerous position. Any blasphemous activities to Krishna will not affect His body. He has no material body, therefore prayers or accusations do not affect Him. He is always kind and equal to everyone.

Letter to Swami Sahajananda, 12 October, 1975