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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

July 2

As soon as one man sees the breast and this armpit of a young woman, then he is finished. And so long he will be charmed with these things, he has to take birth again and again.

Washington D. C., July 2, 1976

July 1

It is good to be prepared with a well-thought lecture in advance. However, we must be able to preach effectively at a moment’s notice or under any conditions or circumstances also. As you begin to study the Sanskrit words, in each word you will find a treasure house of different understanding.

Letter to Satsvarupa, July 1, 1972

June 30

As God is good, we are also good. But due to our material association, we have become bad. So if we revive our old position, Krsna consciousness, then automatically we shall become all-good.

Calcutta, June 30, 1973

June 29

One old man and his wife, sitting together. The wife is requesting the old husband, "Chant, chant, chant", and the husband is replying:"Can't, can't, can't". This cartoon we have seen. He will say three times:"Can't, can't, can't". But not "Krishna, Krishna, Krishna".

Mayapura, June 29, 1973

June 27

When our eyes are anointed with love of God, we can see Him everywhere. We have to develop our seeing power by developing love of Godhead. When one is sufficiently developed in Krishna consciousness, he can see the Lord every moment within his heart and everywhere, wherever he goes.

San Francisco, June 27, 1971

June 26

Innocent men, women, they are kept in that factory simply for livelihood. A little work will provide his needs. Nature has given so much facility. They can grow little food anywhere. The cows are there in the pasturing ground. Take milk and live peacefully. Why you open factories?

New Vrindavana, June 26, 1976

June 25

As soon as you offer yourself to be enjoyed by Krishna as servant, according to His order you serve, then immediately you are in the spiritual world. If you want to remain in the spiritual world, this temple is the spiritual world. We are not living in Melbourne. This temple is not Melbourne. It is Vaikuntha. It is Vrindavana. So if you stick to this temple service, Krishna's service, then you are not in this material world.

Melbourne, June 25, 1974

June 24

If the wife is helpful in the spiritual progress of life, she is the best friend and philosopher. So in Krishna Consciousness the wife is never a burden, but she is completely a counterpart.

Letter to Vrindavan Candra, 24 June,1970

June 23

The disciple's duty is to be ready always to serve the spiritual master, at any cost.

Los Angeles, June 23, 1972

June 22

In the Vedic conception of Grhastha, householder, it is recommended that a householder shall see that even a lizard living in the room or even a snake living in that house should not starve. They should be also given food. And what to speak of others?

Conversation with prof. Kotovsky, June 22, 1971, Moscow