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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

October 23

Always remember that our first business preaching and distributing literatures, never mind we have to live under a tree.

Letter to Narottamananda, October 23, 1972

October 22

Decorate the Deity as nicely as possible with nice flowers and dress. You will forget all other false beauty.

Letter to Kirtanananda, October 22, 1968

October 21

Anything can be done by practice. So if we take Krishna-prasadam, the tongue is restricted, locked to some limited... Then our all other senses become controlled.

Vrindavan, October 21, 1977

October 20

Simply we have to desire to please Him, and not desire anything for ourselves. Then we become simply instruments for His will. This is the important essence of Krsna consciousness.

Letter to Atreya Rsi, October 20,1973

October 19

To save a man from impersonal calamity is the greatest service to humanity.

Letter to Gargamuni, October 19, 1967

October 18

It is not in my hands, Krishna-Balarama. I want association of Vaisnava. You are all pure Vaisnavas. You have sacrificed everything, material comforts, for Krishna's sake. That is Vaisnava.

Vrindavan, October 18, 1977

October 17

The six goswamis were merged in the ocean of the love affairs of the gopis with Krishna. Therefore this mendicantism (renunciation), it was external. They were enjoying better things. So unless you enjoy better thing, you cannot give up inferior thing.

Vrindavan, October 17, 1972

October 16

What is this comfort of the skyscraper building? I think it is a mechanical prison.

Johannesburg, October 16, 1975

October 15

As Brahma is thinking to create a universe, you are thinking to create a skyscraper building, the ant is thinking to create a hole within the room - the quality of the work is the same. But because we are fools, that these things are material, it will not stay.

Mayapur, October 15, 1974

October 14

I have given the ideas. Now you give the shape.

Vrindavan, October 14, 1977