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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

February 16

Thank you again and again for distributing my books with great enthusiasm. Now, try to double this enthusiasm. Anyone who even touches one of our books gets such great benefit. Give them to everyone. Because you are all very sincere and working very hard, Krishna is giving you all facilities.

Letter to Dina Bandhu dasa, 16 February 1975

February 15

Do not let your mind be disturbed by so many things. Our movement is for chanting Hare Krishna. One can be happy under any condition. Samah duhkha-sukham dhiram. Krishna Consciousness does not depend on any external arrangement. You should not go outside of the shelter of this ISKCON. Just try to be happy by chanting Hare Krishna and following the regulative principles.

Letter to Krishnanga devi dasi, 15 February 1976

February 7

Why you should be sorry if someone says you are Indian, he is American, Indians are no good, Americans are good. Why be affected by bodily relationships? Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu has advised us - and as an older, grownup student you should know it - that we have to become humbler than the blade of grass and more tolerant than the tree, and then we can execute our service and chant Hare Krsna.

Letter to Caitya-guru dasa, 7 February 1974

February 6

Regarding the Nectar of Instruction, why not distribute it to the common men? Every book is meant for everyone, but especially for the devotees. Please try to print a large number so that it can be distributed just like Sri Isopanisad.

Letter to Ramesvara dasa, 6 February 1976

February 5

Our Vaisnava religion is so vast that we can supply millions of pictures and hundreds and thousands of literary contributions in this paper. In Christian religion they have got pictures like the Crucifixion and a few similar others. In the Buddhist religion they have got the picture of the Lord Buddha. In Mohammedan religion they have got picture of Mecca Medina, and I do not know what is the picture in the Jewish religion. But so far as our Krishna Consciousness is concerned, we can supply millions of pictures of Krishna, Visnu, and Their multi-incarnations, as well as Their transcendental Pastimes.

Letter to Brahmananda dasa, 5 February 1969

February 4

People should not expect that even in the Krishna Consciousness Society there will be Utopia. Because devotees are persons, therefore there will always be some lacking, but the difference is that their lacking, because they have given up everything to serve Krishna - money, jobs, reputation, wealth, big educations, everything - their lackings have become transcendental.

Letter to Atreya Rsi dasa, 4 February 1972

January 31

The deity worship must be completely pure in terms of cleanliness and punctuality, otherwise there will be some offense.

Letter to Sri Govinda dasa, 31 January, 1973

January 26

Be sure to chant your sixteen rounds daily and read one chapter of Bhagavad-gita As It Is, one chapter daily. Follow the four regulative principles strictly, and I am sure that Krishna will see that your life quickly becomes more and more happy in devotional service. The attitude which you expressed is very nice, and please continue to develop this attitude always.

Letter to Arundhati devi dasi, 26 January, 1969

January 25

The reports of increased book sales all over the world gives me so much pleasure. I thank you very much for your very determined efforts to push on this movement of Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Letter to Karandhara dasa, 25 January, 1972

January 24

I have received your invitation to the opening of Prasadam Distributing International Inc., and I found it nicely presented. Krsna will give you intelligence how to engage in honest, brilliant, glorious work on His behalf. There is no need to engage in anything dishonest. Krsna has given enough money, now earn by honest means.

Letter to Alex, Bob, Drdhavrata, Gupta, Rsabhadeva, Stan, 24 January, 1977