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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

October 18

It is not in my hands, Krishna-Balarama. I want association of Vaisnava. You are all pure Vaisnavas. You have sacrificed everything, material comforts, for Krishna's sake. That is Vaisnava.

Vrindavan, October 18, 1977

October 17

The six goswamis were merged in the ocean of the love affairs of the gopis with Krishna. Therefore this mendicantism (renunciation), it was external. They were enjoying better things. So unless you enjoy better thing, you cannot give up inferior thing.

Vrindavan, October 17, 1972

October 16

What is this comfort of the skyscraper building? I think it is a mechanical prison.

Johannesburg, October 16, 1975

October 15

As Brahma is thinking to create a universe, you are thinking to create a skyscraper building, the ant is thinking to create a hole within the room - the quality of the work is the same. But because we are fools, that these things are material, it will not stay.

Mayapur, October 15, 1974

October 14

I have given the ideas. Now you give the shape.

Vrindavan, October 14, 1977

October 13

A pure devotee is he who loves Krishna, without any material desire. Such pure devotees are very rare. But by the Grace of Krishna, practically all the devotees and disciples who have kindly joined me, their symptoms are pure devotees. Even if they have got some ulterior desire, that will be removed very soon, because they have taken to the pure process of Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Janaki, October 13, 1968

October 12

If you put butter before the fire, automatically it melts. Similarly, a woman is considered as fire and the man is considered as butter. So this is natural. But a person who is not agitated, he is called dhira.

Manila, October 12, 1972

October 11

A Krishna conscious person must be seen by ears and not by the eyes. One should try to know the depth of realization by Krishna conscious person and not see the beard, which has become the practice of the Hippies.

Letter to Brahmananda, October 11,1967

October 10

Even Krishna, whom we accept as the Supreme Lord, had to go to gurukula and serve the spiritual master as a menial servant.

Durba, October 10,1975

October 9

Hanuman was ordered to bring some medicine from some mountain. He was a monkey, he was animal, he did not know how to pick it up - "Take the whole mountain. Execute the order." And then Ramachandra and Laksmana, They'll find out what is that medicine." This is Vaisnava. In ones own capacity he should give the best service to the Lord.

Aligarh, October 9, 1976