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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

May 5

There is distinction even in wood. There are so many jungle woods, we can use it for cooking. But the sandalwood, which is so valuable, if we do not know what is the value of sandalwood, if we use it for cooking and burning... Similarly, if we use this human form of life exactly like the cats and dogs, simply for sense gratification, then we are committing suicide.

Honolulu, May 5, 1976

May 4

Om is formless, but Krishna has got a beautiful form, enjoying. And we are addicted to beautiful form. Why something which is not beautiful? Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita, "I am omkara." So in one sense omkara and Krishna are the same. But I can see Krishna very beautiful and so many things, but I do not see in Omkara that thing. Therefore my preference should be to Krishna.

Boston, May 4, 1968

May 3

Krishna can change anything, therefore we worship Him as the greatest Scientist. If a man knows swimming he can stay up. So if a man has this much power, what to speak of God. So we see that Ramacandra has the art how to make stones float. It is a question of knowing the art. Art means the display of intellectual energy. Everywhere we can see intelligence in everything, so the Lord knows the art of everything, so He can change anything, we cannot.

Letter to Rupanuga, May 3, 1972

May 2

When there is suffering given by Krishna, a devotee does not take seriously suffering. A devotee thinks, "It is the favor of Krishna that he has put me into suffering." They never see suffering as suffering. It is favor of Krishna. That is devotee's vision. It is exactly like a son who knows his father well. If the father slaps, the son never protests. He knows that "It is good for me." Similarly, a devotee is never disturbed when there is suffering given by Krishna.

Bombay, May 2, 1974

May 1

Ointment is applied to the eyes for clear vision. When the ointment of love of Godhead will be applied in our eyes then with these eyes we shall be able to see God. God is not invisible. Simply like a man with cataract or any other eye disease, he cannot see. That does not mean the things are not existing. He cannot see. God is there, but because my eyes are not competent to see God, therefore I deny God. God is there, everywhere.

Boston, May 1, 1969

April 30

We are giving you prasadam. By eating, eating, eating, eating, you one day will become Krishna conscious, simply by eating. Because you are so dull. you cannot understand the philosophy. You know the belly like the animals. So therefore we are giving facility, "All right, fill up your belly, and you'll be infected." As you take foodstuff from an infected area, you become infected with some disease, so this is Krishna-infected, prasadam. You take it, and one day you'll be diseased with Krishna consciousness. 

Fiji, April 30, 1976

April 29

Krishna is living everywhere, that is the vision of the higher devotees. Actually He's living, but still, because we are in the lower condition, we should know that here is Krishna in the temple. Krishna is everywhere, but for us, because we have no such vision to see Krishna anywhere and everywhere, therefore we should come here in the temple and see Krishna, "Here is Krishna. Krishna has kindly appeared here in a manner in which I can see Him. That is Krishna's mercy. That is temple."

Los Angeles, April 29, 1973

April 28

We are meant for enjoyment, but we are seeking enjoyment in a false place- in a illusion, like the desert animals that run after water in mirage and eventually die of thirst. They cannot relieve their thirst with such illusory water. Similarly, we are trying to manufacture many things to satisfy our thirst for enjoyment, but we are being baffled at every turn because material existence is an illusion. Real intelligence means to inquire, "Where is reality? Where is the eternal substance behind the illusion?" If we can find that out, we can experience real enjoyment.

Los Angeles, April 28, 1973

April 27

Krishna, He is the Lord, but He has nothing to do. He is simply enjoying with His friends, with Radharani, with cowherd boys, with gopis. He has nothing to think, ''How to provide?" That is greatness. He is taking the cows as a sporting. And when He was called for Kamsa, He left everything, renounced everything in full, so much love. At once, in a moment, He left Vrindavana, and all these devotees, they began to cry for Krishna for rest of life. And whenever Krishna was reminded, oh, He will say. "I am very soon coming, Don't worry. I am very soon coming."

Boston, April 27, 1969

April 26

At Tirupati, there are so many hills. From the distant place, your vision is not clear. You simply see something cloudy, the same hill. But if you take little further progress, you see the same hill greenish. And if you actually go in the same hill, you will find there are so many animals. men and houses. Object is the same. but from different angle vision, it appears differently. Similarly, unless one can understand Krishna perfectly, he realizes the Absolute Truth as impersonal, nirakara Brahman.

Tirupati, April 26, 1974