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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

September 5

In this age, chanting of Hare Krishna Mantra is the prime business of the devotee, and preaching of this Hare Krishna Mantra by outdoor Sankirtana and propagation of literature is our more important business. Side by side, Deity worship is recommended, but when there is a question of accepting one of them, we shall prefer to accept chanting of Hare Krishna Mantra first.

Letter to Hamsaduta, 5 September, 1969

September 3

Yes, it is good that you have understood me about not investing any BBT money in business.

Letter to Ramesvara das, 3 September, 1974

September 1

What you have done is good. Why should you remarry? Rather you should take sannyasa. Now you are getting very good training. Why has Jayatirtha suggested you to remarry? In Delhi there is a certain kind of laddu which has such a taste, that anyone who has tasted it once, he laments, oh how I would like to taste again. And anyone who has never tasted, he also laments, oh I have never tasted. So one who has tasted, and one who has not tasted, both are lamenting. Wife is like that. You have already tasted, now you are lamenting. But my advice to you is not to try to taste again, otherwise your lamentation will increase. You have got no children, so you are free, so take sannyasa. Sex life is nasty, but out of illusion we think it is nice. Now you are experienced, so don't take sex life again. You should not take sannyasa out of sentiment nor artificially, but it is better to accept it anyway.

Letter to Jayananda das, 1 September, 1975

August 31

Vallabhacarya's teachings are bona fide. This difference of opinion is there always. Just like you differ with your husband, but that doesn't mean that you and your husband are not devotees.

Letter to Ekayani, 31 August, 1971

August 29

The best preparation for the coming of the child is just for the parents to remain perfectly Krishna Conscious, and of course, the best means for that is by chanting the holy Names and listening to Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam.

Letter to Hamsaduta, 29 August, 1967

August 28

Yes that is nice that you are distributing many books. I do not want money, or buildings or anything else, I simply want to see that my books are being distributed and because you are doing that I am quite happy.

Letter to Prahladananda, 28 August, 1973

August 27

I am so glad that you have returned to Krishna. Krishna is kind that He does not let us go, anyone who sincerely takes to Him.

Letter to Mrinaline, 27 August, 1967

August 26

We should not find fault with others and criticize and go away, that is not the Vaisnava way. Better we should always be willing to offer all respects to others and consider them as our superiors always.

Letter to Gaurasundara, 26 August, 1972

August 20

I do not care very much for these filmings because by presenting Krishna in this way it makes it something like fantasy. It is better to have people to read my Krishna books what I have written so that they can understand Krishna fully. I think you can understand this.

Letter to Caruhasa, 20 August, 1974

August 19

Your appreciation for the service of your God-brothers is very much laudable. This is actually a devotee's business that everyone should appreciate the value of other devotees. Nobody should criticize anyone. Because everyone is engaged in the service of the Lord, according to one's capacity, and the thing is, Krishna wants to see how much one is sincere in rendering Him service.

Letter to Tamala Krsna, 19 August, 1968