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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

August 16

Regarding the art of management, constant changing is not good. Even if there is some fault in management it should be corrected, not changed. Besides that, Vaisnava philosophy is that everyone is addressed as prabhu, or master. Everyone should consider himself the servant of the other. That will make management very nice.

Letter to Batu Gopal, August 16,1974

August 15

Whether you are lusty or a thief or a murderer or whatever it may be ? somehow or other you must develop this eagerness, this desire: "I must see Krishna." Then Krishna will be seen.

Los Angeles, August 15, 1972

August 14

Husband and wife dying together, it is because asakti (attachment) is there. That asakti will help him, that the wife will become a husband next life, and the husband will become wife next. And in that way they'll have to take birth again.

August 14, 1976, Bombay

August 13

Yes. As soon as you become strong, naturally there will be more enemies. That is natural.

Vrndavana, August 13, 1974

August 12

Kirtana means both lecturing and chanting with music. The chanting with music is especially attractive for the mass of people, but taking from philosophical point of view on Krishna Consciousness is also chanting.

Letter to Upendra, August 12, 1968

August 11

We should take any lila of Krishan as Supreme. The Vrindavan lila, Krishna's lila with the gopis, is the most confidential lila. We should not entertain this confidential lila unless we are liberated. It is very difficult subject. And because they cannot understand what is Krishna's lila, they imitate, they fall down.

Vrindavan, August 11, 1974

August 10

You expand the empire of Krishna consciousness. Krishna has given you the ability. Do it enthusiastically with the courage of an Englishman and the heart of a Bengali mother.

Vrindavan, August 10, 1977

August 9

Krsna takes special appreciation for His devotees who are engaged in risking for His preaching work, and He will give you special care and guidance at all times because you are sincerely trying to serve Him in this way.

Letter to Amogha, August 9, 1972

August 8

The pickpocket takes from your pocket and he becomes a criminal, and when the wife takes thousand dollars from your pocket, you do not consider her to be criminal. You laugh, "Oh, you have taken the money?" "Yes, I've taken." The business is a pickpocket. Actually thieves and rogues, but we have named them "relatives."

Tehran, August 8, 1976

August 6

Our Society is like one big family and our relationships should be based on love and trust. We must give up the fighting spirit and use our intelligence to push ahead.

Letter to Upendra, August 6, 1970 Август, 6