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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

September 7

Even you are a drunkard, you are fond of tasting wine, I should recommend that you simply think that “This taste of wine is Krishna.” That will make a yogi of you. That will make you the greatest yogi. If you simply think this, that “I am tasting wine. Oh very nice taste. This is Krishna.”

Stockholm, September 8, 1973

September 7

It is not true that there are no shoes in Krsna lila, rather there are shoes except for the Vrndavana pastimes. But the shoes are of another quality, they are beautiful with jewels, etc. On the battlefield they must wear shoes.

Letter to Radhavallabha Das, September 7, 1976

September 6

Even if there are some dead metal utensils, but when they are together they make so much noise, so what to speak of living utensils. This is natural, but since we are all pledged to work for Krsna we should follow the principle of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu: trnad api request is do not be agitated. Let us do our duty honestly.

Vrindavan, September 6, 1975

September 5

"A brahmana, even if he gets one lakh of rupees, one hundred thousands of rupees, still he is a beggar." Because he will not keep it. He will immediately distribute it in charity.

London, September 5, 1973

September 4

A madman, what does he not say, and a goat, what does he not eat?

Vrindavan, September 4, 1975

September 3

Without the mercy of Balarama, nobody can appreciate Vrndavana life.

Vrindavan, September 3, 1976

September 2

Spiritual master's qualification is he's trying his best to deliver the soul from these clutches of maya. That is a great service. Therefore he is very dear. One who is chanting or executing devotional service for his personal benefit and one who is trying to deliver others for others' benefit, there is difference.

Delhi, September 2, 1976

September 1

A devotee knows how to engage himself and others in the service of Krsna completely, as well as all the wealth of the world in the matter of propagating Krsna consciousness. Rest assured.

Letter to Gurukra das, September 1, 1974

August 31

Best thing is if you chant Hare Krishna and go to Krishna Loka and find out the answers to all these questions yourself.

Letter to Ekayani, August 31, 1971

August 29

Do not be depressed. All along my godbrothers gave me only depression, repression, compression ? but I continued strong in my duty. So never mind there is some discouragement, continue with your work in full enthusiastic Krishna Consciousness attitude of service.

Letter tо Gurudas, August 29, 1972