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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

July 20

Of course we have to control the mind, and I have already instructed you and all my students that the restless fickle mind can only be controlled by putting the mind to the lotus feet of Krsna, and that can best be done by chanting Hare Krsna mantra, and there is no alternative in this age. By chanting without offenses, the devotee cries to Radharani and Krsna to please lift him out of the material energy and put him into the spiritual energy, which is devotional service.

Letter to Govinda dasi, 20 July, 1973

July 17

You are all my limbs of my body. Unless you cooperate, my life will be useless. The senses and life are correlative. Without life the senses cannot act and without sense, life is inactive. I have advised Hamsaduta to cooperate fully with you. The 50% arrangement is agreed.

Letter to Brahmananda, 17 July, 1968

July 16

Regarding your plan for advertising membership in BTG, that is nice. I do not see how we can insist that all members must follow the four regulative principles, but this is certainly our recommendation to anyone who is serious about pursuing Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Brahmananda, 16 July, 1969

July 15

Regarding harassment of our devotees, Yes, this is not a new thing in the history of the world that preachers are sometimes persecuted. But at the present status of civilization I do not think anybody will be crucified like Lord Jesus Christ.

Letter to Upendra, 15 July, 1970

July 14

This chanting of Hare Krishna and our sincere desire to serve Krishna will make everything clear, even if there is some impediments, because from Srimad-Bhagavatam we understand that a system of religiousity is to be understood as the most perfect if by following such system, we enrich our tendency to love God. Actually that tendency is in everyone, but on account of not being associated with pure devotees, our love is placed on something non-God.

Letter to Kirtanananda, 14 July, 1968

July 13

The business of Krishna Conscious persons is to enjoy by mutual association on the basis of understanding Krishna from Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam. So when you become three together, you should utilize your time by discussions on Krishna, and chanting Hare Krishna.

Letter to Subala das, 13 July, 1968

July 12

Regarding your second point, all incarnations should be proper nouns and therefore capitalized. It does not matter whether they are Visnutattva or jivatattva, saktyavesa-avatara or plenary expansion. The incarnations listed however may be classified as follows: Visnutattva: Kapila, Nara Narayana, Rama, Balarama, Krsna; the Purusas: the Boar, Yajna, Rsabha, Matsya, Kurma, Dhanvantari, Mohini and Kalki; Jivatattva (empowered): Narada, Vyasa, Buddha, Kumaras, Dattatreya, Prthu and Bhrgupati.

Letter to Jayadvaita, 12 July, 1970

July 10

If you are getting a good income from this business, why should you stop it? Our philosophy is that we should earn honestly as much as possible and spend it for Krishna.

Letter to James Doody, 10 July, 1969

July 9

The whole idea is now in BTG complete ventilation of our ideas should be exchanged from devotees to devotees by writing bona fide articles along with the other articles. This paper should now be completely a foreword of our movement. So combinedly make it successful.

Letter to Rayarama, 9 July, 1969

July 8

Simply pray to Krishna that you may be able by His Grace to serve Him nicely. Our prayer of the Hare Krishna Mantra means addressing Radha and Krishna for being engaged in Their service. Hare Krishna means "Oh Hare, Oh Radharani! Oh Krishna! Please engage me in Your service so that I can get relief from the service of Maya.''

Letter to Subala dasa, 8 July, 1969