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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

August 24

Emperor Akbar, his chief minister was Todarmal. Todarmal is Hindu. The Muslim emperors used to employ Hindus as chief of department. They did not believe Muslims to become the chief. They knew it very well that these Muslims are not reliable. They can kill their father even.

New Delhi, August 24, 1975

August 23

We should not eat more than required. Eating, sleeping, mating, all these are material demands; the more we minimize, then that is good, but not at the risk of health. Because we have to work for Krishna, so we must maintain our health nicely.

Montreal, August 23, 1968

August 22

Energy is always kept on the left side. Radharani is on the left side of the Lord, and similarly, Laksmiji is also on the left side of the Lord. We are also marginal energy, not exactly like Radharani or Laksmiji, so we should keep ourself always on the left side of the Lord, and let us act as His Arms, or army.

Letter to Brahmananda, August 22, 1968

August 21

Krishna is everywhere. Simply you have to catch Him. And he's also ready for being caught. Yes, if somebody wants to catch Him. Suppose you are a devotee. If you want to catch Him, He comes forward ten times than your desire. He's so kind. Therefore, we have to simply receive Him.

London, August 21, 1973

August 20

Maya is on the back side of Krsna and if we keep ourselves always in front side of Krsna, engaged in His service, then the external energy on the back side of Krsna will not be able to attack us.

Letter to Bhagavan, August 20,1970

August 19

Real contraceptive method is that if you are unable to deliver your son from the clutches of birth and death, do not become a father.

Hyderabad, August 19, 1976

August 18

Vedic civilization is, even one is enemy, if he comes to your home, you receive him as, so friendly that he will forget that you are his enemy.

London, August 18,1971

August 17

Failure is the pillar of success. Then try. Again you shall try.

Vrindavan, August 17, 1977

August 16

Regarding the art of management, constant changing is not good. Even if there is some fault in management it should be corrected, not changed. Besides that, Vaisnava philosophy is that everyone is addressed as prabhu, or master. Everyone should consider himself the servant of the other. That will make management very nice.

Letter to Batu Gopal, August 16,1974

August 15

Whether you are lusty or a thief or a murderer or whatever it may be ? somehow or other you must develop this eagerness, this desire: "I must see Krishna." Then Krishna will be seen.

Los Angeles, August 15, 1972