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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

23 февраля

Мы должны постоянно помнить, что находимся в царстве майи, и ее влияние здесь очень сильно. Так что, если мы не будем очень и очень осторожными в своих делах, всегда будет вероятность падения. Поэтому, пожалуйста, регулярно повторяй на четках шестнадцать кругов и соблюдай регулирующие принципы.

Письмо Харер Наме, 23 февраля, 1970

February 22

Now the policy should be straight that this Back to Godhead is completely different from all other magazines. As there are different magazines for different subject matters, this magazine will be simply devoted for Vaisnava philosophy, or Krishna Consciousness movement. That should be our policy.

Letter to Rayarama, 22 February 1969

February 21

I especially appreciate your attitude toward increasing more and more the sales of our books, that will sanctify all other activities of preaching because preaching means selling books.

Letter Bhakta dasa, 21 February 1972

February 20

Regular and attentive chanting, along with following the four regulative principles will keep one pure. Simply by following these principles and chanting Hare Krishna one can make his life successful and perfect.
So far your two lost beads are concerned, you can simply add two more beads, and because I have already chanted on all the others, they will be sanctified also.

Letter to Tosana, 20 February 1972

February 19

The proper method of dressing Jagannatha is as a ksatriya King and there is no limit to the opulence you can give Him.

Letter to Kirtika devi dasi, 19 February 1973

February 18

Our Isopanisad is now published. This excellent book of God-Consciousness should be introduced as study book for school and college students because it is so nicely explained about God-Consciousness. Any sincere gentleman serious about knowing God-Consciousness must read this book. A little education will make every one aware what is meant by God. It is a challenge to the atheists, agnostic, skeptics and gross materialists.

Letter Kirtanananda Maharaja, 18 February 1970

February 17

My advise is always chant 16 rounds minimum and follow the four regulative principles. Disagreements will continue in this material world. So one may live in a suitable place, but one must follow these five principles. My disciples must follow these principles living either in heaven or hell.

Letter to Raja Laksmi devi dasi, 17 February 1976

February 16

Thank you again and again for distributing my books with great enthusiasm. Now, try to double this enthusiasm. Anyone who even touches one of our books gets such great benefit. Give them to everyone. Because you are all very sincere and working very hard, Krishna is giving you all facilities.

Letter to Dina Bandhu dasa, 16 February 1975

February 15

Do not let your mind be disturbed by so many things. Our movement is for chanting Hare Krishna. One can be happy under any condition. Samah duhkha-sukham dhiram. Krishna Consciousness does not depend on any external arrangement. You should not go outside of the shelter of this ISKCON. Just try to be happy by chanting Hare Krishna and following the regulative principles.

Letter to Krishnanga devi dasi, 15 February 1976

February 7

Why you should be sorry if someone says you are Indian, he is American, Indians are no good, Americans are good. Why be affected by bodily relationships? Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu has advised us - and as an older, grownup student you should know it - that we have to become humbler than the blade of grass and more tolerant than the tree, and then we can execute our service and chant Hare Krsna.

Letter to Caitya-guru dasa, 7 February 1974