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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

November 29

Any work that is performed by a devotee in Krishna Consciousness is never work on material platform although it may appear to be so.

Letter to Krishnakanti, November 29, 1970

November 28

Fate can be changed by Krishna Consciousness. Krishna says "I shall give you protection from all resultant actions of your sinful life". That is fate changed. When you surrender to Krishna, He takes charge of squaring up all your sinful activities and their reaction. Surrender to Krishna, then your fate is changed.

Delhi, November 28, 1975

November 27

The governing principle for our activity should be to do what is favorable for pleasing Krishna.

Letter to Lalita Kumar, November 27, 1971

November 26

When we keep our association with Krishna - every activity is proper and liberating, but if we should dissociate ourselves from the Lord's Mercy, then we like a hand which is separated from the body - we become ugly and useless.

Letter to Hrisikesa, November 26, 1968

November 25

With foldered hands I request you, don't you become hippers again by growing hair. Keep your head cleansed at least once a month. That is my request. Neither I can chastise you. I am also old man, your are young men.

Vrindavana, November 25, 1976

November 24

To the sincere devotee, this ocean of maya is easily crossed by the cool breeze of Krishna's Grase. This is our business, to submit to Krishna's desire to have us back with Him in the eternal sky of Krishna Loka.

Letter to Syamasundara, November 24,1968

November 23

There is only one guru - Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. So those who simply repeat His words, they also become guru. But of course a guru never thinks himself as being God. He only thinks himself as a servant of the servant.

Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Bhatia, November 23, 1975

November 22

We are neither renouncer nor enjoyer, we are simply servitor of Krishna. Please follow this principle and you will never disturbed in any frightened conditioned offered by the maya.

Letter to Gargamuni, November 22, 1968.

November 21

Preaching is more important than managing. Just because you are preaching nicely and distributing so much prasadam, the management will follow like a shadow and Krishna send you no end of help.

Letter to Satsvarupa, November 21, 1971

November 20

The beauty of the outer skin can be destroyed in only a few hours merely by a dose of a strong purgative, but the beauty of truth is indestructible and always the same.

Truth and Beauty. November 20, 1971