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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

November 16

I am very glad that your distribution to the libraries is well received. Please get our books at least one full set in every city and college library in you neighboring areas. And if you read these literatures carefully you will realize the topmost science of Krsna Consciousness and be more inspired to spread the same to all persons as their real welfare benefit.

Letter to Bansidhari, 16 November, 1970

November 15

On one side we have to be very sorry if our dear friends are taken away from this world, and on the other side we should be satisfied that a pure devotee is never lost. He gets another good chance to cultivate Krishna Consciousness, or if one is advanced he goes back to Home, back to Godhead. But even if it is taken that a devotee is not mature, we should be confident that he will take birth in a rich or devotional family. So their human life in a very good position is guaranteed. A devotee's position is always better than an ordinary karmi's position. Karmis do not know what is the next life, but devotees know it as certain as anything that he is going to have a nice human form of body.
So let us pray for the departed souls that they may be engaged again in Krishna's service.

Letter to Patita Uddharana, 15 November, 1971

November 13

Do everything amicably. This fighting is going on everywhere. It is not a good sign. I know the fight spirit is there in you, within the Westerners, that even if you do not care to fight, someone will induce you to fight. Rather, you should make vigorous propaganda for making people understand the utility of the Krsna consciousness philosophy. It is not something speculative. Make your plans, organize, and then execute in order to increase all of our Krsna consciousness programs. This will be better.

Letter to Alanatha das, 13 November, 1975

November 12

In Krishna Consciousness there is variety but there is no discord. We may fight with one another on the point of serving but that is not a discord. We must stick to the service of the Lord very seriously & that will help us make progress.

Letter to Subala, 12 November, 1967

November 11

So one should not imitate such great personalities but one should try to see how much taste he [Haridasa Thakura] has developed for chanting, so that one can remain alone simply being engaged in chanting. If one can remain alone simply being engaged in chanting, that is very good, but it is difficult also.

Letter to Sivananda, 11 November, 1968

November 10

Regarding your second question, whether a person who is a Negro, Chinese, Indian, etc. are they different species of life making up the 400,000 species. Yes, so far their body is concerned. Your question whether woman in each one of these species is another separate species, no, the species means both man and woman of the same type. Of course, strictly speaking the woman is taken differently, otherwise how would Krsna say striyo vaisyas tatha sudras.

Letter to Madhudvisa Swami, 10 November, 1975

November 8

Regarding our men becoming lawyers, yes do it. For a graduate it is not difficult. You can also take a degree. However, five years is too long for our men to work as a clerk. That is not good.

Letter to Rupanuga, 8 November, 1976

November 5

Never mind it takes little time to make progress, our process is slow but sure, and we are confident that if we continue in this way we shall go one day back to home, back to Godhead.

Letter to Bhagavan, 5 November, 1972

November 4

I am pleased to hear that the paintings for Vol. I Canto II have been finished and that more paintings for Vol. II have begun. At least from 50 to 100 paintings should appear in each volume, and that will be the perfection of your service for Lord Krsna.

Letter to Jadurani, 4 November, 1970

November 3

Your tendency to give Srila Jiva Goswami the proper position a philosopher is very much appreciated. Some years back I attended a meeting in Calcutta wherein Pramathanath Trakvhusna, the learned Sanskrit scholar, was present. He said about Jiva Goswami very highly that there was no comparison with Jiva Goswami and any other philosophers of the world. Gaudiya Vaisnavism is very much proud of having such a great acarya as Jiva Goswami.

Letter to Dr. Chakravarti, 3 November, 1970