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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

January 16

Our movement is based on love and trust, so if we do not co-operate, then how is that love and trust? Follow all of the rules and regulations very strictly without deviation, chant 16 rounds, attend class and mangala arati and then everything will be alright.

Letter to Krsnavesa devi dasi, 16 January, 1975

January 15

Each and every living entity is an individual soul and as such disagreement is quite possible in our dealings with one another but we have to consider the central point of interest. Do not take at any time an attitude of non-cooperation because you may have not agreed with another's point of view.

Letter to Yamuna devi dasi and Harsarani devi dasi, 15 January, 1968

January 14

Regarding love affairs in the material world: they are only shadows or reflections of the real love with Krishna. If you love Krishna in any capacity, you shall never be frustrated because everything in Krishna is perfect, eternal, blissful, and full of knowledge. So continue your present activities and chant your beads.

Letter to Kancanbala devi dasi, Los Angeles, 14 January, 1968

January 12

Our philosophy is "simple living and high thinking'', not sense gratification. The temple presidents and leaders (elder students) must show this by example. Temple or asrama means for renunciation and renounced persons. If one is engaged in self-realization process, then his material necessities become almost nil. Persons who do not like this can work outside.

Letter to Kirtiraja dasa, 12 January, 1975

January 11

The thing is, everyone of us should think as servant of Krishna. In the service of Krishna there may be sometimes transcendental competition but there cannot be any disruption.

Letter to Rayarama dasa, 11 January, 1968

January 10

The more we sell books, the more we advance in KC, and the more we help others to have solid information how they may take advantage of their human form of life and achieve the supreme perfection.

Letter to Kulasekhara dasa, 10 January, 1972

January 9

Regarding astrology, you should not listen to any of these so-called astrologers. Don't even see them. What is the use of seeing them? Astrology is meant for the materialist, but a spiritualist does not care for the future. Everything is dependent upon Krishna.

Letter to Devamaya devi dasi, 9 January, 1975

January 8

Your emphasis on book distribution is quite right. I can understand in the northern centers it is very cold now, and yet you report they are still going out for sankirtana party. Please convey that I extend all blessings to those boys and girls who are trying to distribute our books even under difficult conditions.

Letter to Jagadisa dasa, 8 January, 1974

January 6

So the first medicine which you should be concerned with is to chant Hare Krishna and to become increasingly steady in Krishna Consciousness. Study Bhagavad-gita As It Is and Srimad-Bhagavatam and continue to help your god-brothers in developing Krishna Consciousness. So develop your preaching abilities in this way, and this will be the most successful and appreciated endeavor.

Letter to Upendra dasa, 6 January, 1969

January 5

Everything should be done co-operatively. "Our'' and "your's'' are material conceptions and have no place in our Krishna Consciousness movement. If the members of our movement are unable to co-operate it will be very difficult to spread the mission of Lord Caitanya.

Letter to Satsvarupa Maharaja, Nellore, 5 January, 1976