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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

July 29

In case you do not like this arrangement then you may keep the temple as your private property and as my disciple I will give you guidance. But you may not use the ISKCON name to collect funds or to take loans. In this connection until this matter is resolved no loan may be taken from the bank or elsewhere and all collections in the name of ISKCON, must stop. If you desire to keep the temple as private property then Upendra das may return to Hawaii and ISKCON Fiji may be dissolved. If you want to consider this project as an ISKCON project then you must abide by the orders and direction of the GBC, which you do not like to do. Now whatever you like let me know.

Letter to Vasudeva das, 29 July, 1976

July 28

You are exactly correct when you write that Krishna has benedicted you with a first class husband. In Vedic society no girl was allowed to remain independent and unmarried. Independence for women means they become like prostitutes, struggling to capture some man who will take care of her. In this way the so called independent woman has to work very hard to make herself attractive by artificially wearing cosmetics - mini skirts and so many other things.

Letter to Naiskarmi devi dasi, 28 July, 1973

July 27

So that is the position. They cannot understand that by serving Krsna, we become healthy or in our normal position. This is called ignorance. Somebody is trying to forget Him, somebody is trying to become equal with Him. This business is going on. And nobody is submitting that "My Lord, I forgot my service. From this day, I become again Your servant. Please give me protection."

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 1.37-39, London, 27 July, 1973

July 25

Preaching is the most important business. Although my personal service is also important, the preaching work comes first. I want everyone of our men to become first class preachers.

Letter to Pusta Krsna Maharaja, 25 July, 1976

July 24

In the Bhagavad-gita it is clearly said by the Lord that the only way of not coming back to the material world is to be promoted to the spiritual planets. For the impersonalists there is no such assurance of not falling down in the whole Vedic literature. The conclusion is that without developing the spiritual body and without being situated on one of the spiritual planets, the so-called liberation is also illusion, or it is not complete. A spirit soul who falls down from the Brahmajyoti to the Kingdom of Maya may have a chance of associating with a pure devotee, and then he may be elevated to the spiritual planets of Vaikuntha or to Goloka Vrindaban. From the Brahmajyoti there is no direct promotion to the spiritual planets, and it is clearly stated in the Bhagavatam that such souls fall down: patanty adha.

Letter to Rupanuga, 24 July, 1969

July 23

So far these plays are concerned, they are not meant for ordinary people and if they laugh, then that is a great offense. Just like in your play "Putana Killed'' there was so much laughing. So these plays are not meant for the public showing unless they are very nicely done. The audience must give grave attention. If they laugh, that is the greatest offense. Lord Caitanya never played before ordinary men. Only before devotees.

Letter to Vrndavana Candra, 23 July, 1971

July 22

In Bhagavad-gita you will find confirmation of the fact that this Hatha Yoga system is not so easy process as you have been led to believe by various "masters''. To do actual Hatha Yoga one must not live in the city, but he must go to a sacred spot, and completely freed from all attachments and all material desires and disturbances, he must concentrate his mind upon the Lord within his heart. This process is not completed in just six months time, but it extends over many, many lifetimes.

Letter to Martin Malles, 22 July, 1969

July 21

Now Arjuna is facing the problem. What is this problem? Suppose you bring all my friends, my relatives, my sons, grandsons, my father-in-law, brother-in-law, friends, my animals... Because there were soldiers, senayor ubhayor api, there were animals also. Horses, elephants. They are also within the membership. According to Vedic conception, the animals, they are also members of your family. Because they are giving service. Not that one section of the members of my family I give protection, and the other section, I take everything from them and then cut throat. This is not civilization. You keep your sons, wife, daughters, cows, dogs, they are animals, asses, domestic animals, horses, elephants. If you are rich, you can keep elephants also. Either family-wise or state-wise, it does not mean that you give protection to some members and cut throat of the others. Oh, how horrible it is. So all of them were present now. And the problem is that he has to kill them, Arjuna. It is fight, it is a family fight.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 1.26-27, London, July21, 1973

July 20

In the Vaikuntha world there cannot be any fight. So because Krsna wanted to exercise His fighting spirit, He sent His devotee. He became enemy and He fought. So you have to understand Krsna in that way, as Hrsikesa. He knows that unless Arjuna becomes affected family-wise, how Bhagavad-gita will be there? Therefore although Gudakesa, Arjuna, is above darkness, still, by the will of Krsna, Hrsikesa, he played just like ordinary man, affected with his family affection. Therefore Krsna in the next verse says, "My dear Partha, now you wanted to see with whom you have to fight. Now, here is Bhisma, Drona, and many other kings. All the descendants of Kuru dynasty, your Dhrtarastra's sons. Now you see very nicely and be prepared to fight with them." So this is the explanation of Hrsikesa and Gudakesa.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 1.24-25, London, 20 July, 1973

July 19

Vidhi marg and raga marg are already explained in the TLC. Neophyte devotees who are trained under rules and regulations is called vidhi marg. When by execution of the vidhi marg one comes to spontaneous service of the Lord that is called raga marg.

Letter to Tamala Krsna, 19 July, 1970