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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

October 4

Your plan to spend up to one month in each big university city sometimes taking an apartment for conducting regular evening meetings is approved by me. But do not open any permanent centers, just take the apartment for a month and then move onto another city.

Letter to Satsvarupa, 4 October, 1973

October 3

Another thing I request is that everything in the Temple should be kept nice and clean. Everyone should wash hands before touching anything of Krishna's. We should always remember that Krishna is the purest & similarly only the pure can associate with Him. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Letter to Nandarani, Krishna devi, Subala das, and Uddhava, 3 October, 1967

October 2

Civilization means anartha-nivrtti syat because we are complicated by the anarthas, unwanted things. ...in this way there is bulls, horses for transport. But what is the use of these big, big motorbuses and acquire petrol, machine, factory, so many things? But nature's way there is already means of transport. The horses are there. The bulls are there. But they will eat them, and they will create these motor big, big buses and then petrol, then fight... ...and so much useless labor for growing tea, that will be stopped. You can grow food. You drink tea, you'll require sugar. Then unnecessarily producing so much sugarcane. And the by-product of sugarcane, molasses, you'll have to utilize. Then produce wine, liquor. One after another...

Morning walk, Mauritius, October 2, 1975

October 1

Day and night, year and millions of years - everything is being calculated on the solar system. So this powerful planet is described as the eyes of everyone. Without sunshine nobody can see. Yac caksur esa savita sakala-grahanam raja. It is to be considered as the king of all planets, raja, sakala-grahanam. All the planets, they are moving, rotating on the heat of the sun, heat and light, and they are working on the light of the sun. Sun is so important. Everything is described in the Vedic literature. So that sun also - working under somebody's direction. Yasyajnaya bhramati sambhrta-kala-cakrah. The sun is rotating in the orbit at the speed of sixteen thousand miles per second by the order of somebody. That is Govinda.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 2.11, Mauritius, 1 October, 1975

September 30

Your question is how much or how little brahmacaris should associate with the unmarried brahmacarinis in the temple. As brahmacari you should not mix at all with brahmacarinis. Actually they should not at all see the face, but that is not possible in your country. But so far as possible, remain separate and talk almost nil. Brahmacari is advised not to go near a young woman anywhere. A brahmacari should always address every woman as mother. In your country it is a little difficult, but the principle is to avoid. To talk secretly or privately is strictly prohibited. If you want to discuss philosophy and other matters you can discuss publicly in a meeting, but not privately. A brahmacari and unmarried woman in the same room together alone is strictly forbidden.

Letter to Sankarasan, 30 September, 1972

September 29

Krishna Consciousness is a transcendental science which can be revealed to a sincere devotee who is prepared to render service to the Lord. Krishna Consciousness is not achieved by dry arguments or by academic qualifications. Our senses are all blunt in the matter of receiving transcendental subject matter, but they are purified in due course of time by constant engagement in the service of the Lord.

Letter to Subala, September 29, 1967

September 28

Mind and intelligence are already there in the soul, but in the conditional stage the same mind and intelligence become polluted as false egotism or enjoyer. The bhakti process is to purify everything. The mind is not the soul but is a venue for expressing the soul's desire. So if the mind is purified, then things go on nicely in its original position. If he does not go on rightly he falls down in conditional life. The whole yogic system is to convert the mind from matter to spirit. You can utilize the mind in both ways. When the mind is spiritually trained up it is the best friend of the soul, and when the mind is materially polluted, it is the worst enemy.

Letter to Prem J. Batra, 28 September, 1975

September 27

Although father is rich, millionaire, he has become a hippie, out of frustration, confusion, or some other reason. So our condition, like that. We are the sons of the richest person. Not only richest, the wisest. Aisvaryasya samagrasya viryasya. The most powerful, Krsna. The most powerful, the richest, the wisest, the most beautiful. Everything, supreme degree. We are sons of such a father, but we have become mad after this material enjoyment. This is our madness.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 13.4, Bombay, September 27, 1973

September 26

S.B. confirms it that if someone follows all the rules and regulations very nicely but doesn't come to Krishna it is useless, and similarly if someone comes to Krishna, even if he doesn't follow very nicely, he is perfect. Also, B.G. 7/19 says that the wise man after many births comes to know that Krishna is everything. So Krishna is central. So we may begin our chanting with some motive, but that is not the final stage. Love of Krishna is final, and how can we develop that unless we are chanting and thinking of Krishna?

Letter to Hayagriva, 26 September, 1970

September 25

Throughout the universe there are two classes of men. One is called devata and the other is called asura. Devata means visnu-bhakto bhaved daivah. Those who are devotees of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is known as Visnu... Sahasra visnu names there are. Original is Visnu. So those who are devotees of the Lord, they are called Vaisnava or devata, and those who are not devotees of Visnu may be devotees of other demigods, but they are called the demons or the asuras. There are many instances in the sastra. There were Hiranyakasipu, who was a devotee of Lord Brahma. Of course, the asuras are never devotees. Sometimes they worship the demigods for getting some material profit.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 13.1-2, Bombay, 25 September, 1973