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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

August 29

Meat-eating is sinful. Why? What is the sin there? Illicit sex, what is the wrong there? Intoxication, what is wrong there? They do not find any immorality. So this standard of morality, there cannot be fixed up if one is not God conscious. Standard of morality, standard of goodness, cannot be. That is the decision of the Srimad-Bhagavatam. Harav abhaktasya kuto mahad-gunah. Lack of Krsna consciousness. They think that animal has no soul. They do not accept this morality that animal cannot be killed, it is sinful, it is immoral. They have created their own theory. So without being standardized by Krsna consciousness, or God consciousness, you cannot find the standard platform of morality, honesty.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 2.26-27, London, August 29, 1973


August 27

K.C. gives us the opportunity of rendering service to Krishna, and this service attitude only can replace us on our original position. Please therefore, continue to chant faithfully, and Krishna will reveal Himself, by His Causeless Mercy, and you will know everything automatically.

Letter to Jananivasa, 27 August, 1967


August 28

Those who have surrendered to the material nature, he has to suffer. There is no way out. You have accepted this body. You must suffer. Klesada asa dehah. This material body means suffering. So they do not know this. They are making so many arrangements and plans how to become happy, how to become peaceful without any miserable condition, but the rascals, they do not know that so long you have got this material body - either a king's body or an ant's body - you must have to suffer.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 2.25, London, 28 August, 1973


August 26

I am sorry to learn that you are not well. Pray to Krishna and chant Hare Krishna. The body is a temple of disease, janma mrtyu jara vyadhi [BG 13.9]. Disease is our inevitable companion. We still have to execute our duty of Krishna consciousness as far as possible and Krishna will help us.

Letter to Dinesh Candra Sarkar, 26 August, 1976


August 25

Nobody kills anybody, neither anybody is killed by others. This is one thing. Again, in a different way, Krsna says, na jayate: the living entity never takes birth. The birth is of the body or the death is of the body. Living entity, the spiritual spark, then that being Krsna's part and parcel, as Krsna does not take birth, does not die... Ajo 'pi sann avyayatma. You'll find in the Fourth Chapter. Ajo 'pi. Krsna is aja. Aja means who never takes birth. Similarly, we being part and parcel of Krsna, we also never take birth. The birth and death is of this body, and we are so absorbed in the bodily concept of life that when there is birth or death of the body we feel the pains and pleasures.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 2.19, London, August 25, 1973

August 24

The more we struggle for advancing our Krishna Consciousness movement, the more we become advanced on the path. Really, devotional service means that we have to employ our energies for the purpose of Krishna Consciousness, and it does not matter what is the volume of such energy, because different persons have got different type of energies, but the best means is that one has to apply his energy as far as possible, that is the secret of success in Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Aniruddha, 24 August, 1968

August 23

There are three stages: jagarti, svapna, susupti. Anyone has got this experience. One stage is that you are awakened, another stage is sleeping, and another stage is unconscious. Jagarti, svapna and susupti, the Sanskrit name. Jagarti, when you are awakened, our consciousness is very acute, very strong. In sleeping stage, there is consciousness, but it is not so active. And unconscious stage means consciousness is some way or other subdued, not working. Three stages. So death means that unconsciousness for a long period. That is death. Because the soul is eternal. It will be explained. There is no birth and death. So when this body is annihilated, so the soul remains unconscious for a period, seven months for a human being. Seven months unconscious stage within the womb of the mother. After seven months, the consciousness revives. Just like if you have got an experience under chloroform, unconsciousness. The surgical operation takes place, you do not understand, you do not perceive pains and pleasure, but you remains for a certain hours unconscious. Then, gradually, dream comes. Just, from unconsciousness the dream comes. And from dream, you are awakened. As you go down from awakening stage to dream, dream to unconsciousness, similarly, you come up also, from unconsciousness to dream, from dream to awakening conscious stage.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 2.17, London, 23 August, 1973

August 22

Formerly, this place, Manor, was known as Piggot's Manor. Now we have named Bhaktivedanta Manor. What is the difference? Formerly, it was for sense gratification. Now it is meant for elevating one to the spiritual standard of life. So anything can be changed like that for sat-sanga. Sat-sangat mukta duhsanga. If you continue 'sat', as it is said, sat-sanga, then you advance in spiritual life. And if you associate with 'asat', then you become degraded. This is the policy. Sat-sanga chadi kainu asate vilasa te karane lagila mora karma-bandha-phansa. Don't be entangled. Try to become liberated from the entanglement. That is the mission of life.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 2.16, London, 22 August, 1973

August 21

We have to work very hard and with intelligence and sincerity for this movement. It is a great movement undoubtedly but it takes a little time to convince the higher section of the society. Still that is one of our businesses because unless the higher section understands this movement, it will make progress slowly. If the higher section says yes, it is a nice movement, it will progress very quickly. Our mission is undoubtedly the highest welfare activity to the human society. Everyone has forgotten his real constitutional position. Therefore all of them are hovering in the air without any concrete knowledge of the goal of life. Actually we are in the position to teach everyone, never mind however great a philosopher or scientist he may be, but everyone must learn from us about spiritual activities.

Letter to Bhagavan das, 21 August, 1971

August 20

The proof of the soul existing is that the consciousness is spread all over my body. As soon as I pinch any part of my body, I feel pain. Therefore I understand a soul is there. Just like a man who is going to die. So doctor is examining. He sees the pulse. He sees the heart - "Yes, it is beating." That is the sign that still the man is living. Similarly, the soul is there. The proof is that I can feel pains and pleasure on my body. That is explained in this verse.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 2.14, London, 20 August, 1973