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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

December 5

In answer to your question, let me say that Lord Visnu is served by Sesa who is also an incarnation of Visnu. His business is to supply all bodily comforts to Lord Visnu. Sesa, or Ananta, serves Visnu as His Mattress and protects Him from all atmospheric disturbances by making His heads like a canopy or umbrella. In this way, He supplies umbrella, bedding, slippers, and everything else personally required by Lord Visnu. This information we get from scriptural sources. So keeping pace with this scriptural injunction, you may paint nicely as Krishna gives you instruction.

Letter to Jadurani, 5 December, 1968

December 4

Regarding your question about the Brahmajyoti, it is explained in Bhagavad-gita that the impersonal Brahman effulgence is emanating from Bhagavan, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The brahmajyoti is just like the sunlight, which emanates from the Sun God: Because the sunlight has no personal form, this does not mean that the Sun God has become impersonal.

Letter to Bhadra Bardhan, 4 December, 1969

December 3

If preaching is strong, management will be strong. That is the rule.

Letter to Damodara, 3 December, 1971

December 2

I have chanted one round upon these beads, and I am pleased to accept you as my disciple. Your initiated name is Yadavananda, which means He who gives pleasure to the Yadu dynasty. This is Krishna, and you are Yadavananda das, the servant of Yadavananda. Except for persons who are in Krishna Consciousness, everyone is to one degree or another the servant of Maya, or illusion. The purpose of our society for Krishna Consciousness is to train people in the science of breaking their servitorship to maya and re-establishing their relationship with Krishna as His loving servitor.

Letter to Yadavananda, 2 December, 1969

December 1

So far as explaining my letter to Kris, I have listed the ingredients which may use for preparing prasadam but these various varieties of foodstuffs may be prepared either in the given recipes or if you like you may invent nice new formulas for offering. The important thing is that your preparations be palatable for Lord Krishna and that the ingredients be within the groups of ingredients already listed. You have asked me about sassafras and yes, it may be offered. Mushrooms are generally not offered, but there is no prohibition, there is no harm in them.

Letter to Harer Nama, 1 December, 1968

November 30

My Guru Maharaja used to say "don't worry about money, Do something nice for Krishna and money will come.'' So we should always be thinking how to distribute the message of Krishna and surely He will give us facility. Even an ordinary man if he wants publicity then he gives so much money for the propaganda work. Similarly Krishna is not poor. He can supply any amount for the devotees who are engaged in broadcasting His glories.

Letter to Karandhara, 30 November, 1970

November 29

Krsna enters within the universe, but at the same time, millions of universes are within His mouth. This is the explanation of "the greater than the greatest and the smaller than the smallest." Of course, mother Yasoda, although she saw, she could not believe it because mother Yasoda never thought of that Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. She always thought that "He is my teeny child." That's all. "I have to take care of Him." This is called paternal feelings. Vatsalya-rasa.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 2.25, Hyderabad, 29 November, 1972

November 28

Regarding Franklin and Marshall College that was a misunderstanding. I am prepared to take the class. So you write the professor. You had told me it was very cold there, otherwise I was ready.

Letter to Satsvarupa das Goswami, 28 November, 1974

November 27

You may name your daughter Mitra dasi, I have no objection. You may call your children as you like, but you should always inform my secretary to make sure the name is entered on our list to avoid repetition. Later, the children may be given another name upon initiation, as it is seen fit.

Letter to Lalita Kumar and Jambavati dasi, 27 November, 1971

November 26

It is advised by Canakya Pandit (Sanskrit): After the 16th year of the disciple or son, he should be treated as friend because if you chastise when he is grown up then he will break up - that is also another risk. So our request is that instead of chastising, with folded hands I request you, don't you become hippies again by growing hair. Keep your head cleansed at least once in a month. That is my request.

Letter to Ramesvara Maharaja (to all temples and G.B.C.), 26 November, 1976