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October 22

Now, this is the formula of spiritual realization, that we should not stop our working capacities, the prescribed duties in which we are engaged. That is not to be stopped. If we stop work and spiritual realization, for spiritual realization we leave this world and go to the jungle or Himalaya and sit down there for meditation, for spiritual realization, oh, how many people will be ready to do this thing? No. This is not for mass people. Lord Sri Krsna is prescribing something practical which can be adopted by everyone and all without any distinction. This point we have already discussed in the last day's meeting, that whatever you may be, it doesn't matter. You can realize the highest perfection of life provided you work under the regulation of yajna. Yajnarthat karmanah. There is no harm working, but the work should be done for the Supreme Lord, Yajna. Yajna means Visnu. Because according to laws of nature, any work you do, it has got some reaction, and we are bound up by those reactions.

Letter to Jayapataka, 22 October, 1972