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September 12

You have fallen in this condition because you have forgotten Krsna. Just like last night so many people came to discuss with us, but they are not interested in talking of Krsna. They are interested how their sense gratification will be disturbed by starting this temple. That is their concern. Here we have come to preach about Krsna. They did not ask anything about Krsna, "What is this philosophy? What is this Krsna's philosophy?" No. They are simply interested in their own sense gratification. That's all. How their sense gratification will be disturbed - they are concerned in that way. This is the position of the material world. Everyone is simply interested in sense gratification. That's all. There is no question of asking "What is God? What I am? What is this world?" Actually, these should be the questions of human life.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 2.39, London, September 12, 1973