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January 13

I am so pleased to accept your token of good will and the sounding Haribol with needlework. This cloth is so nice that I have hung it in my room in front of me so that I can see Haribol and remember you always. You are very fortunate lady to have such nice daughters like Balai and Lilasukha. Balai is very happy with her husband, Advaita, and all of my students who are married couples are doing very nicely and living very happily... Your son-in-law, Advaita das, is being trained up to take charge of our press. Your daughter is a first class typist, so in this way all are fully cooperating with me, and I am happy in your country. My endeavors might be sincere, but without their cooperation I could not have executed my mission so quickly. I thank you once more for your becoming the mother of two devotee girls.

Letter to Mrs. Hochner, 13 January, 1969