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October 1

Day and night, year and millions of years - everything is being calculated on the solar system. So this powerful planet is described as the eyes of everyone. Without sunshine nobody can see. Yac caksur esa savita sakala-grahanam raja. It is to be considered as the king of all planets, raja, sakala-grahanam. All the planets, they are moving, rotating on the heat of the sun, heat and light, and they are working on the light of the sun. Sun is so important. Everything is described in the Vedic literature. So that sun also - working under somebody's direction. Yasyajnaya bhramati sambhrta-kala-cakrah. The sun is rotating in the orbit at the speed of sixteen thousand miles per second by the order of somebody. That is Govinda.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 2.11, Mauritius, 1 October, 1975