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October 13

Śrīla Bhaktisiddhānta says in Amrta Vani, “O Kṛṣṇa! I do not want from You any happiness for me.” Are we ready to say that? “Kṛṣṇa I don’t want from You any happiness for me. Please, spare me of that. Whatever You want from me, I will obey without fail! Even if I have to suffer in doing Your will, that suffering will be my pleasure.” In other words, Śrīla Bhaktisiddhānta is making it clear that a devotee only wants service. And then Śrīla Bhaktisiddhānta draws the line,“If a servant of Kṛṣṇa prays to Him with such faith and feelings, the Lord will certainly accept his offerings. Without these feelings and faith, the Lord will not accept that which is offered.”
MKV, Vol 8- Pg 40,  Chanting with Feeling- January 17, 2014 -Baltic Festival