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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

November 18

Now if you have got the right idea how to do it, you may go there again and take some responsible post for correcting the situation, that will be your real duty, not that there is some disagreement and I go away disgusted, no. That is not Vaisnava standard. Standard should be that, never mind there is some difficulty, my spiritual master has ordered me to do like this, now let me do it, that's all.

Letter to Bhanutanya dasi, 18 November, 1972

November 17

Philosophy is the highest, but even higher than philosophy is practice of philosophy. So when your students apply Krishna philosophy to their lives, they will feel the beneficial result, and this will make your teaching work very easy. Just like you add hydrogen and oxygen and get water. So let them chant and learn Bhagavad-gita and they will get Krishna's mercy.

Letter to Brhaspati das, 17 November, 1971

November 16

It is always the difficulty with the karmis that they "have no time'' for attending spiritual functions or gatherings. Sukadeva Goswami analyzes the situation for the karmis in the narration of Bhagavatam as sleeping and indulging in sex-life in the night and in the daytime working hard "Where is money? Where is money?'' and when they have got money, how to accumulate household paraphernalia, etc. Anyway, by the mercy of Lord Caitanya even such materially absorbed persons can be extricated from their entanglement in the maya by contact with offenseless chanting of the Lord's Holy Names Hare Krsna Mantra. If you vibrate these transcendental sounds everywhere continually, it will pierce their ears and enter their hearts, and then their natural attraction for Krsna will be revived.

Letter to Bansidhari, 16 November, 1970

November 15

Your approaching schools and colleges is very tactful because these students are the most eligible candidates for receiving this transcendental knowledge of Krishna philosophy. Simply by repeating what I have said - first you must yourself become fully convinced of this philosophy - your preaching will meet with all success. Our philosophy has the full potency to deliver anyone from the darkest realms of ignorance to the enlightened realm of complete cognizance. The potential is there, simply you have to master the words and deliver them purely, and this will please me very much.

Letter to Lalita Kumar, 15 November, 1971

November 14

Otherwise the living entity is not actually conditioned. A living entity is always pure. But he is prone to be attracted by material enjoyment and as soon as he agrees to place himself in material enjoyment, he becomes conditioned, but that is not permanent.

Letter to Aniruddha, 14 November, 1968

November 13

You can celebrate Rasa-lila by having nice kirtana and prasadam distribution, that is our way of celebrating.

Letter to Upendra, 13 November, 1968

November 12

We must stick to the service of the Lord very seriously & that will help us make progress. In this connection I have written one letter, to Brahmananda the portion in which you may be interested is sub-joined herein. "I do not want a crowd of Kirtananandas, but I want a single soul like Brahmananda, Mukunda, Rayarama & Satsvarupa.

Letter to Subala, 12 November, 1967

November 11

Regarding your question, about living alone, living alone is a general tendency for a person who wants to get disassociated with the materialistic persons. That is also recommended by the Goswamis in their instructions. It is better to remain alone than to mix with materialistic persons. But this is not applicable when we have the opportunity to get the association of pure devotees.

Letter to Sivananda, 11 November, 1968

November 10

As a child when I was going to the neighboring Mallik temple, I was thinking then when will I have such a nice Deity to worship and now Krsna is so kind that I am establishing so many nice temples all over the world. Now I want that there should be established 108 temples before my death, so you think how to do it. Make some program, train up devotees. All temples in Melbourne, London, Paris, Bombay, all are very nice. Everything is very bright and brilliant. The Deity is proof of the sincere service. It is the duty of the GBC now to maintain this. Their duty is how to enthuse them and maintain.

Letter to Madhudvisa Swami, 10 November, 1975

November 9

Regarding the Dallas Army base property, you can forward this offer to Svarupa Damodara and in this connection you may correspond with him. We may require it for the Bhaktivedanta Institute for Higher Studies. Do not reject this military base. We can use it for this purpose. You can use the Illinois property for the Gurukula and the army base for the Bhaktivedanta Institute.

Letter to Jagadisa das, 9 November, 1975