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Srila Prabhupada's Quote Of The Day

July 19

The books should be written in simple language. First of all try to explain what is God, then what is the relationship of God with the world and the living entities. Then explain what is our duty in that relationship with God (God means all-attractive Krsna). In this way write the subjects very clearly. What one learns as child is not lost throughout the life.

Letter to Yogesvara, 19 July, 1970

July 18

Just like Jesus Christ. He is being crucified, and still he is merciful: "God, these people do not know what they are doing. Please excuse them." This is sadhu. He is personally being disturbed by the demons, but still, he is merciful to the general people. They are suffering for want of Krsna consciousness. So even up to the point of death, he is trying to preach Krsna consciousness. "Let the people be benefited. Eh, what is this material body? Even if I am killed, I am not killed. This body is killed, that's all." This is sadhu. Titiksavah karunikah. In one side he is tolerant, and other side, merciful.

Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 1.21-22, London, 18 July, 1973

July 16

The India Government has a Department for Cultural Affairs; if they would have taken this cultural movement as the background of Vedic civilization, then the whole world would have been happy, and India's glories would have been magnified many thousands of times than by simply imitating the Western technology which is on the verge of failure.

Letter to Nevatiaji, 16 July, 1970

July 12

The honour and prestige that you have obtained during the course of you present life time, were not possible to be obtained by any one else within the living memory. But you must know that all these honours and prestiges were false in as much as they were created by the Illusory Energy of Godhead called the maya. By this falsity I do not mean to say that your so many friends were false to you nor you were false to them. By this falsity I mean illusion or in other words the false friendship and honours obtained thereby were but creation of maya and therefore they are always temporary or false as you may call it.

Letter to Mahatma Gandhi, 12 July, 1947

July 11

In India the difference is that no enthusiastic young men with education are joining this movement wholeheartedly whereas in the foreign countries hundreds and thousands of qualified respectable men are joining us. I hope that you are a young man and along with other young friends you should also join us wholeheartedly, then we can do the same work in India.

Letter to Krishna das, Mahesavari, 11 July, 1976

July 8

Actually Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, or Krishna, doesn't need our service. He is completely self sufficient. What service we can do for him? But if we are sincerely trying to render some service, it is to our benefit, and He becomes pleased with us also. Just like the father, when he receives some service from the son. What service he requires from the such very young boy? Yet, still because it is done out of natural affection, the father is so much appreciative. So that is our position.

Letter to Kaliya Krishna das, 8 July, 1971

July 4

The whole world is puffed up. Everyone wants to become the Lord of everything. Ultimately, the Mayavadi philosopher wants to become one with the Supreme Lord. This means that when one fails to become Lord of everything, he wants to mix up with the Supreme Lord and tries in that way to automatically become Lord of everything. What he can't perform by his own capacity he wants to have done by being merged into the Supreme Lord. That is the mentality of the general people. But if anyone becomes humbler than the grass and more tolerant than the tree, it is understood that he has accepted a Spiritual Master.

Letter to Jaya Govinda, 4 July, 1969

June 28

You are enthusiastic for spreading Krsna consciousness. This is the most important quality. Please continue.

Letter to Nandikesvara das, 28 June, 1975

June 27

Comfortably does not mean satisfaction of the senses. Comfortably means we require primary necessities, to eat something, to sleep somewhere or have some sex,- this is also bodily need,- and to defend, that's all. These are the primary necessities. That can be arranged anywhere. God has given all facilities. Grow your own food, eat, and live anywhere. Just this place was rough like that, now it is handled nicely, it is very attractive. (Bengali) Any damn place, you cleanse it, it becomes home. And any nasty man, you decorate him, he becomes a bridegroom.

Prabhupada Visits Palace And Garden, New Vrindaban, 27 June, 1976

June 25

Your proposal is very nice to make the atmosphere of the Deities very, very opulent, and the temple must be kept always very nice. That will be the attractive feature and people will come to see for that reason.

Letter to Kirtanananda, 25 June, 1972